Descriptive Catalogue


Descriptive Catalogue, Photographs Of North American Indians

. United States Geological Survey of the Territories, 1877 by W. H. Jackson, Photographer of the Survey, F. V. Hayden, U. S. Geologist.

Dakota Family

A large family of North American Indians, embracing the Assiniboine or Stone Sioux, the Dakotas proper, or, as they are called by the Algonkin, Nadowesioux, from which is derived the word Sioux; Omaha, Otoe, Osage, Ponca, Iowa, Kansas, Missouria, Minataree, and Crows. Until quite recently they occupied the larger portion of the country bounded on

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Athabasca Family

Athabasca A family of North American Indians, comprising two large divisions, one living in the British Possessions, between Hudson’s Bay and the Pacific, and the other along the southern boundary of the United States, in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with some smaller bands along the western coast, north of Oregon. The name of the

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Algonquian Family

Early in the seventeenth century, the Algonkin were the largest family of North American Indians within the present limits of the United States, extending from Newfoundland to the Mississippi, and from the waters of the Ohio to Hudson’s Bay and Lake Winnipeg. Northeast and northwest of them were the Eskimos and the Athabasca; the Dakotas

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