Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers – Company C

Roster of Company C, Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Civil War


Samuel S. Hayden,
Richard W. Roberts.

First Lieutenant.

Alfred W. Converse.

Second Lieutenants.

Gurdon Trumburm,
Benjamin F. Turner.


Addison F. Lamphear,
William C. Anderson,
Levi G. Hayden,
George H. Snow,
Jacob A. Turner,
Gardner Wilmarth.


Ira B. Addis,
Joseph Fisher,
Robert Morrison,
Edward Newport,
Cyrus Root,
Elisha H. Skinner,
George H. Smith,
William W. Strickland,
Benjamin F. Wilcox.


Norman Fassett,
James E. Lacey.


Jason Smith,
William H. Baldwin,
Daniel B. Barnard,
Alfred Beers,
Noble H. Bennett,
John Brandley,
Charles Burgess,
Jerome K. Button,
Leander W. Button,
William Button,
John Cahill,
Horace L. Carter,
Chester Casey,
Daniel B. Chalker,
James A. Chadwick,
John N. Clemings,
Charles A. Cobb,
George C. Denley,
James Dixon,
Chauncey F. Doane,
Henry H. Doyle,
Thomas H. Eaton,
John I. Fowler,
Oliver Giddings,
Albert Graham,
Francis A. Graham,
Martin Haley,
Thomas C. Hancock,
William K. Hardie,
Chester M. Hills,
James L. Hodge,
Willington Jackson,
Ora B. Kibbe,
Ferdinand Kramer,
Arthur P. Moors,
Michael Moran,
James Murray,
George H. Nelson,
Henry S. Persons,
Abraham Phelps,
William Porter,
Charles O. Risley,
Eugene Risley,
John Sarsfield,
William H. Sann,
Leonard Schaeffer,
Henry Shaw,
James N. Skinner,
John C. Smith,
James W. Smith,
Osborne Smith,
John Terhune,
Henry Waters,
Charles Weeks,
John Williams,
George W. Whittlesey,
Edmond D. Wilmarth.

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