Connecticut Frontier Forts Prior 1902

Connecticut State Soldiers’ Home, Noroton, Connecticut.
Cressel Fort, Connecticut – On Groton Heights, near New London.

Danbury Cantonment, Connecticut – At Danbury.
Dummer Fort, Vermont – On Connecticut River ar Brattleboro
Dutch Point Cantonment, Connecticut – Near site of Hartford.

East Haven Reservation at Connecticut.

Fairfield Fort, Connecticut – At Fairfield
Folly Fort, Connecticut – Also called Fort Nonsense.

Good Hope Fort, Connecticut – At Hartford
Griswold Fort, Connecticut – At New London, on Groton Heights.
Groton Heights Fort at Connecticut – Now Fort Griswold.

Hale Fort, Connecticut – East side entrance to New Haven Harbor.
Hartford Fort, Connecticut – At Hartford.
Haven Camp, Connecticut – At Niantic.
Het Huys de Hoop Fort, Connecticut – At Hartford.
Hill Fort, Connecticut- Near Groton Heights.
Hope Fort, Connecticut – (See Good Hope.)
House of Good Hope Fort, Connecticut – (See Good Hope.)

Litchfield Fortifications at Connecticut.

Mamacock Fort, Connecticut – At New London.
Milford Indian Fortifications at Connecticut
Mystic Fort, Connecticut – On Mystic River.

Pequod Fort, Connecticut – On Mystic River.
Perkins Camp, Connecticut – At New Haven.
Point Fort, Connecticut – At Fitchs Point, near Norwalk.

Rock Fort, Connecticut – Now Fort Hale.

Saybrook Fort, Connecticut – On Tomb Hill, mouth of Connecticut River.
Shaws Neck Fort at, Connecticut – At New London.
Skinners Head, Battery at. Connecticut.
Stonington Fortifications and Arsenal at, Connecticut.

Tamhert Fort, Connecticut.
Tomb Hill, Fort on. Connecticut – Fort Saybrook.
Trumbull Fort, Connecticut- At New London.

Wooster Fort, Connecticut – Near Haven Harbor

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