1851 Quebec Canada Directory, Hair Dressers to Jewellers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Hair Dressers
Hickman, W., 26 Mountain st., L. T.
Savard, James, 60 St. Peter st., L. T.
Tessier, Laurent, 10 St. Anne at., U. T.

Hardware Merchants
BLIGHT, WILLIAM, importer of shelf and heavy hardware, fine cutlery, &c., of every description, 20 Fabrique st., U. T.
DE Foy, F., importer of shelf and heavy hardware, Market-place, Notre Dame st., L. T.
DORION, & GINGRAS, importers of shelf and heavy hardware, fine cutlery, &c., of every description, 6 St. Peter st., L. T.
EADON, WILLIAM, importer of shelf and heavy hardware, fine cutlery, &c., of every description, St. Nicholas st., Palace Gate.
METHOT, CHINIC, SIMARD, & Co., importers of shelf and heavy hardware, and nail factory, corner St. Peter and Mountain sts., L. T.
MICRON, E., importer of shelf and heavy hardware, glass, putty, paints, &.c., No. 12 corner St. Peter and Mountain sts., L. T.
PELLETIER, AMABLE, dealer in shelf and heavy hardware, St. Paul’s market-place, L. T.
SCOTT, HENRY, S., importer of English and American hardware, iron, steel, boiler plates, &c., 19 Buade st., U. T.
SHAW, RICHARD, J., importer of London, Birmingham, Sheffield, and American hard-ware, paints, glass, &c., 55 St. Paul st., near St. Paul’s market, L. T. SHAW, SAMUEL, J., importer of English, German, and American hardware, Sous-le-fort st., L. T., and 9 St. John st., U. T.
Non Members
Gauvin, Joseph, 1 Fabrique at., U. T.
Martineau, J. L., Desfosses st., St. Rochs
Robitaille, Joseph, St. John st., without.
Young, William, Craig st., St Rochs.

Hatters And Furriers
oisy, F. X., general fir manufacturer, 64 St. John st., TT. T.
GARANT, & AUDY, dealers in all kinds of furs, hats, caps and Indian curiosities, 8 St. John st. U. T.
GINGRAS, FERDINAND, general hat, cap, and fur manufacturer, 25 Fabrique st., U. T.
HENDERSON, W. S., general furrier, hat and cap manufacturer, 18 Buade st., U. T. See card.
MERCIER, DAVID, general furrier and cap manufacturer, corner St. John and Palace sts., U. T. See card, page 331.
Ashworth., W. H., 22 Fabrique st., U. T.
Cote, M., Desfossés st., St. Rochs.
Corriere, J., Desfossés st., St. Rochs.
Dugal, E., 58 St. John st., U. T.
Lewine, Isaac, 1 Buade and 18 Fabrique sts., U T.
Lapointe, Antoine, 19i Notre Dame st., L. T.
Labbe, Francis, Desfossés st., St. Rochs.
Michaud, F., Craig st., St. Rochs.
Malouin, Louis, 5 St. John st., U. T. Nicol, dit,
Vannieres, Craig st., St. Rocks.
Penley, W. D., fur merchant, 29 St. Peter’s Rinfrette, P. N., St. John st., without.

Hotel Keepers
Albion Hotel,
Willis Russell, 7 and 8 Palace st., U. T.-this house has been recently completely renovated and fitted up.
City Hotel, (formerly Vannovous’), J. Lindsay, 1 Garden st., U. T.
Ottawa Hotel, E., Melrose, 4 Sault-au-matelot st., L. T. a very comfortable house, and in the close vicinity of the business part of the city.

Swords’ Hotel, P. Swords, corner of Haldimand and St. Louis sts., U. T., close to the Parliament buildings, and Courthouse.
Back, R., hotel and confectionery, St. Peter st., L. T.
Chartrain, Cul-de-sac st, L. T.
Laroche, E., St. John st., without.
Lemieux, L., St. John st., without.
Levesque, F., St. Paul’s market place, L. T.
M’Leod, D., Sous-le-fort st., L. T. London Coffee house,
Mansion House hotel, John Holgate, 1 St. George st., U. T.
Mosse, H., St. John st., without
Murphy, ThomaS, 1 St. Peter st., L. T.
Proudley, Mrs., 2 St. Peter st., L. T.
Scott, George, hotel and confectionery, St. Peter st.. L. T.
Thomas, John, 2 Garden st., U. T.,

Inn And Tavernkeepers
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, 323 Champlain st. travellers will find this a comfortable and convenient house, and charges moderate.
Non Members
Barrett, M., 303 Champlain st.
Baxter, J., St. Julie st., St. Johns.
Bickle, Mrs., 63 Champlain st.
Blanchard, James, Lower Town market-place.
Bourget, Louis, 56 St. Peter st., L. T.
Boyce, G., 18 Notre Dame st., L. T.
Bracken, W., 43 Champlain st.
Brazel, J., 28 Champlain st.
Brisbois, F., Lower Town market-place.
Brothers, Louis, Craig st., St. Rochs.
Brown, Mrs., City Restaurant, Garden st., U. T.
Brown, William, 74 Champlain st., L. T.
Burn, James, 78 Champlain st., L. T.
Calligan, James, St Paul st., L. T.
Connell, Thomas, Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
Connolly, Mrs., St. Antoine st., L. T.
Corrigan, Mrs., Cul-de-sac St., L. T.
Craig, Robert, 7 St. Antoine st., L. T.
Deegan, P., St. Julie st., St. Louis.
Deegan, William, Sault-au-matelot St., L. T.
Drolet, Pierre, St. Joseph st., St. Rochs.
Drolet, Raymond, St. John St., without.
Dugas, Joseph, Grant St., St. Rochs.
Fagui, A., D’Aiguillon st., St. Johns.
Faucet, P., Champlain st., L. T.
Ferguson, Robert, DeSfossés st., St. Rochs.
Fitzgerald, Robert, Carleton St., U. T.
Flanagan, Mrs., 17 Champlain at., L. T.
Fleming, Mrs., 36 Champlain st., L. T.
Flynn, J., Crown st., St. Rochs.
Foley, M., 314 Champlain at., L. T.
Fournier, A., Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
Fulton, Robert, 3 Mountain st., L. T.
Gervais, Joseph, Sault-au-matelot st., L. T.
Gervais, P., 59 St. Peter st., L. T.
GervaiS, T. B., Lower Town market-place.
Gillard, W., Exchange coffee house, Arthur st., L. T.
Giroux, Charles, Craig st., St. Rocks.
Gleason, Thomas, Champlain at., L. T.
Goulest, Abraham, Sault au Matelot St., L. T.
Grenier, Henry, Buade st., U. T.
Griffin, Thomas, 308 Champlain st., L. T.
Guay, Louis, Lower Town market place.
Halferty, John, St. Charles st., L. T.
Hammond, Mrs., corner Mountain and Notre Dame sts., L. T.
Henchy, Mrs. P., 40 St Ann st., U, T.
Henderson, Mrs., 30 St. Louis st., U. T.
Henderson, Mrs., St. Eustache st., St. Louis.
Howard, Mrs., off No. 2 Fabrique st., U. T.
Jackson, John, St. John st., without.
Johnson, J., 314 Champlain st., L. T.
Jordan, Mrs., 340 Champlain st., L. T.
Judge, Thomas, Cul-de-sac St., L.T.
Kelly, James, Craig St, St. Rochs
Kelly, Mrs., Cul-de-sac St., L. T.
Kerwin, John, St. Nicholas st., L. T.
Lachance, Joseph, Lower Town market place.
Laprise, Germain, St. Paul st., near the market.
Larochelle, J., Craig st., St. Rochs.
Laval, Basile, 56 St. Peter st., L. T.
Lavigne, J. B., 2 St. Ann st., U. T.
Lawlor, Henry, 16 St. John St., U. T.
Lawlor, Patrick, St, Joseph St., St. Rochs
Lecompte, F., St. Amiable st., St. Louis.
Lecour, Mrs., Lower Town market place.
Lefebvre, A., 30 Champlain St., L. T.
Lewis, Thomas, 315 Champlain st., L. T.
Loughran, Thomas, Sous-le-fort st., L. T.
M’Adams, Hugh, Sous-le-fort St., L. T.
M’Crane, Arthur, 242 Champlain st., L. T.
M’Gee, Mrs., 322 Champlain St., L. T.
M’Gill, James, 5 Champlain st., L. T.
M’Glory, Daniel, 17 Garden st., U. T.
M’Hugh, Bernard, 67 Champlain St., L. T.
M’Hugh, W., 246l Champlain st., L. T.
M’Intyre, Nicholas, 2 Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
M’Intyre, Thomas, Lacroix st., L. T.
M’Laughlin, James, D’Artigny st., St. Louis.
M’Lean, Alexander, St. Peter st, L. T.
M’Peke, Hugh, Rampart st., U. T.
Morgan, Mrs., 20 St. JoSeph St., U. T.
Morisette, Victor, Cul-de-sac St., L. T.
Morris, R., 37 Champlain st., L. T.
Murphy, Mrs., 39 St. Paul St., L. T.
Murphy, Mrs., 79 St. Paul st., L. T.
Noel, James, Desfosses St., St. Rochs.
O’Neil, G., 13 Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
O’Neil, John, 21 Buade St., U. T.
O’Neil, O., St. Julie st., St. Louis.
O’Neil, S., 5 Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
Orr, George, St. Dominique st., St. Rochs
Parant, J., Richmond st., St Johns.
Parker, J., St. Antoine st., L. T.
Pelletier, O., Queen st., St. Rochs.
Quinn, Edmond, St. Paul st., near the market.
Quinn, P., St. Eustache st., St. Johns.
Quinn, William, 18 Cul-de-sac st., L. T.
Ramsay, Mrs., 244 Champlain st., L. T.
Rheaume, Louis, Desfossés St., St. Rochs.
Roach, James, 239 Champlain st., L. T.
Robertson, William, St. Eustache st.,
Sawin, Mrs., 6 St. Julie st., St. Louis.
Scott, Mrs., 2 Sault-au-matelot st., L. T.
Semple, Mrs., Cul-de-sac St., L. T.
Shea, John, Artillery st., St. Louis.
Sherry, Peter, Artillery st., St. Louis.
Shields, Mrs., 272 Champlain st., L. T.
Skillen, Samuel, 3 St. Paul St., L. T.
Sloane, Mrs., 270 Champlain st., L. T.
Smith, J., 21 Buade st., U. T.
Smith, James, 260 Champlain st., L. T.
Smith, John, 12 St. Ann St., U. T.
Spiers, T. H., St. Augustin at., St. Louis.
St. Johns. Ross, R., St. Vanier st., St. Rochs.
St. Michel, Francis, Lower Town market place. St.
Talbot, H., corner St. Peter and Porch St., L. T.
Temple, J., Lachevrotire st., St. Johns.
Temple, William, Crown st., St. Rochs.
Thomas, Alex., St. Augustin st., St. Louis.
Tierney, Michael, 54 Champlain st, L. T.
TimmonS, John, 18 Garden st., U. T.
Tolland, J., 21 Cul-de-sac St., L. T.
Trainer, James, 77 Champlain st., L. T.
Vanderhuyden, J., opposite St. Paul’s market, L.T.
Waugh, James, St. Antoine st., L. T.
Wilson, Mrs., 22 Sault-au-matelot St., L. T.
Wood, William, 62 Champlain st., L. T.
Yates, Mrs., 24 Champlain st., L. T.
Young, Francis, St. Eustache st., St. Johns.

Jewellers And Watchmakers
ARDOUIN, M. & SON, 60 St. John st., U. T. keep on hand a good supply of watches, jewellery, musical boxes, &c., and give particular attention to repairing and cleaning watches, clocks, &c.
MARTYN, MRS. JOHN, 45 St. Peter st., L. T. particular attention paid to cleaning, repairing, and regulating chronometers, &c.
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL, St. Peter st., L. T. watches, chronometers, clocks, &c., regulated, cleaned and repaired in the best style.
Non Members
Baxter, William, 17 St. John st., U. T.
Bews, D., 7i St. John St., U. T.
Christmas, D. S., 58l St. John St., U. T.
Couture, David, DesfosSes st., St. Rochs.
Couture, Pierre, 25 Mountain st., L. T.
Gendron, P., 1 St. John st., U. T.
Hardy, Anselm, 18 St. Peter St., L. T.
Harris, E. B., 7 Notre Dame St., L. T.
Hull, MrS. E., 13 Buade st., U. T.
Lamontagne, Michael, 73 St. John St., U. T.
lanes, William, St. John st., without.
McMaster, William, 46 St. John st., U. T.
Neill, Robert, 11 Notre Dame st., L. T.
Sasseville, Francis, 17 Mountain St., L. T.
Turcot, N., 14 Mountain St., L. T.

Quebec Canada,

The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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