Patentee Survivors in Verulam, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals.

The following 25 Verulam patentees are still represented on their original farms:

Wm. Brandon, II 30
Wm. Brown, VIII 9
John Davidson, IX 4
John Duggan, I 25
William Elliott, VI 28
Wm. Flett, IV 32
Thomas Forest, VIII 2
William Foster, IX 31
Matthew Ingram, VIII 20 and 21
John Junkin, III 14
Wm. Kennedy, II 2
Richard Middleton, VIII 8
Robert Mitchell, V 3
Peter Murdock, VI 6
John McDonald, V 4
James McFeeters, VIII 1
James Prescott, VIII 28
Joseph Ray, I 14
Alexander Robertson, V 8
Robert Robertson, V 10 and 11
Irwin Simpson, IX 2
Thomas Steele, VIII 6
Carnaby Thurston, II 7
Henry Thurston, II 5
Jonas Thurston, IV 2.


Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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