Original Patentees, not on original farm, Fenelon Township, Ontario, Canada

The following 53 patentees are represented on farms other than their own original holdings:

Alexander Beggs
James Brien
Thomas Brien
Francis Brown
Donald Campbell
James Campbell
John Chambers
Benjamin Clark
John Douglas
William Ellery
John Daniel
William Ellis
Ralph Faulkner
Samuel Faulkner
Duncan Graham
Thomas Graham
Wm. Graham
Andrew Hall
Edward Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Francis Hay
James Hay
George Irwin
James Irwin
Robert Irwin
Wm. Kennedy
Martin Lee
Wm. Marsh
John Moffat
Isaac Moynes
Thomas Moynes
John McArthur
John McCarrell
CoIin McFadyen
Mary McKay
Isabella McKenzie
Donald McKinnon
Alexander McNabb
Hiram Nelson
Thomas Oakley
Margaret Patton
Henry Powell
John Powell
Margaret Powell
Thomas Rea
Dugald Sinclair
Richard Smithson
William Smithson
Thomas Tamblyn
Robert Thompson
James Wallace
Robert Wilson
Joseph Worsley
George Wright.


Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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