Ministers Born and Bred in Merigomish, Sutherland’s River District

John Campbell, Merigomish; Deceased. For some years he was pastor of St. Andrew’s Church, Halifax, and for 18 years minister of Buccleuch parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland, where he died.

Isaac S. Simpson, Merigomish; Chicago, Ill.

Wm. H. Smith, B.D., Ph.D., Merigomish; Fredericton, N. B. Pastor, St. Paul’s Church.

Edwin Smith, M.A., Merigomish; McLeod, Alta.

A. A. Smith, B. A., Merigomish; Verschoyle, Ont.

F. W. Thompson, B.A., Merigomish; St. John, N. B. Pastor, Calvin Church.

Lawrence B. Campbell, Merigomish. Theol. Student. Son of late Rev. Alexander Campbell.

W. B. MacDonald, Merigomish; Lourdes, N. S. Pastor of the Roman Catholic Church.

John Chisholm, B.A., Sutherland’s River; Montreal, Can. Pastor, Victoria Church.

Alex. W. McKay, Sutherland’s River; Deceased. Pastor for some time at Streetsville, Ont.

James M. Sutherland, Sutherland’s River: E. Pepperell, Mass. Pastor, Methodist Church.

John Lamont, Sutherland’s River; Deceased. Graduated but never had a charge. For many years he was a successful colporteur for the National Bible Society, in the Maritime Provinces.

John A. Macglashen, B.D., French River; Bridgeport, C. B.

A. W. Pollock, B.A., French River; Deceased. Student in Theology. Drowned at French River.

James A. Mclean, B.A., Thorburn; Mahone Bay, N. S.

John J. MacDonald, Thorburn; Brooklyn, N. Y. Pastor, South Presbyterian Church.

Wm. Macpherson, Thorburn; Waterville, N. S. A. S. WEIR, Thorburn; Swan River, Manitoba.

J. F. McKay, Thorburn; Clyde River, N. S.

William Forbes, B.A., Little Harbor; Tatamagouche, N. S.

G. Ernest Forbes, B.A., Little Harbor; New Glasgow, N. S. Pastor, First Presbyterian Church.

John G. Golquhoon, B.A., Little Harbor; Millerton, N. B.

Edwin H. Burgess, Little Harbor; Sydney, C. B. Editor, “Canadian Commonwealth”. Author “At the Place which is called Calvary”, a volume of sermons, and “For Canada and the Old Flag”.

Thomas F. McGregor, Chance Harbor; Hawarden, Sask.

The Following Are Clergymen Of The Roman Catholic Church

Donald MacKinnon, Ardness; Died at Grand Narrows, C.B.

Dugal MacKinnon, Ardness; Died at Dundas, Ont.

J. J. MacKinnon, Ardness; Bailey’s Brook, N. S.

C. F. MacKinnon, Bailey’s Brook; Sydney Mines, C. B.

M. W. MacKinnon, D.C.L., Lismore; Vancouver, B. C.

Donald M. MacGregor, D.D., Lismore; Judique, C. B.

Ronald MacDonald, Lismore; Pictou, N. S.

MacPhie, John Peter. Pictonians at home and abroad; sketches of professional men and women of Pictou County its history and institutions. Boston: Pinkham Press. 1914.

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