1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Booksellers to Butchers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Booksellers, Stationers, And Binders
ALLANSON, J., Yonge st., near Alice st., dealer in English periodicals, &c.
ARMOUR, ANDREW. H., & Co., wholesale and retail booksellers, stationers, and binders, 14 King st., west.
BALFOUR, JOHN, bookseller and stationer, job and ornamental printer, 119 King st., east.
Bentley, John, 65 and 67 Yonge st.
BREWER, M’PHAIL, & Co., wholesale stationers and publishers (by authority of the Council of Public Instruction of Upper Canada) of the series of national school books, 46 King st.
Carless, James, religious tract society, and bible depot, 47 Yonge st.
Church Society Of Diocese Of Toronto Book Depot, 5 King st., west.
Cuthbert, Richard, bookbinder, 65 Richmond st., east.
Donolly, J., bookseller, 12 Arcade.
FISHER, C., bookseller and fancy stationer, 120 Yonge st., next Elgie’s hotel a choice assortment of combs, toys, brushes, paper hangings, looking glasses, &c., picture frames made to order graphic printing, &c.
King st., dealers in books, stationery, and fancy goods, wholesale and retail.
LESSLIE, JAMES, bookseller, stationer, letter-press printer, and druggist, King st., east.
MACLEAR, T., bookseller and stationer, 45 Yonge st., agent for Blackie & Son. See card.
PLEES, A. F., stationer, bookbinder, letter press and copperplate printer, 7 King st., west.
Rodgers, J., bookseller, 9 Arcade.
ROWSELL, HENRY, stationer, bookseller, printer, and bookbinder-bookseller and printer
SCOBIE, HUGH, bookseller and stationer, Adelaide buildings, 16 King st., east book and job printing, bookbinding and ruling, copperplate and wood engraving, and litho?
SHEWAN, M., & Co., New York book and fancy store, Arcade, St. Lawrence building,to the University of Toronto, and to Upper Canada College, 78 King st., west, general printing office, 8 Wellington buildings, King st.
WESLEYAN METHODIST BOOK ROOM, Wellington buildings, King st., east.

Boot, Shoe, And Leather Stores
BROWN & CHILDS, wholesale and retail dealers in. and manufacturers of boots, shoes, and leather of every description, 88 King st., east only agents in Canada for the sale of Camdee’s india rubber over shoes.
CORNISH, JOHN, boot and shoe manufacturer, wholesale and retail, 12 King st., east, 6 doors from Yonge st.
HARRISON, J., boot and shoe manufacturer, 107 Yonge st.
MORGAN, G. W., boot and shoe manufacturer, and dealer in india rubber overshoes, 93 Yonge st.
WILSON, DAVID, boot and shoe manufacturer, 19 ‘King st., west-an extensive variety of every article in the line, constantly on hand, at unusually low prices.
Non Members
Bennett, H., Nelson st.
Blogg, J. S., 10 King st., west.
Brownscombe, Henry, 121 Yonge st.
Burns, D., 86 Yonge st.
Butler, P. S., Queen st., west.
Dack. Edward, 60 King st., west.
Dill, John, 66 Queen st., west.
Foster, James, 4 City buildings, King st., east.
Griffith, Thomas, King St., east.
Guest, J., 139 Yonge st.
Hamilton, W., 93 Queen st., west.
Harris, Samuel, 57 Yonge st.
Harrison, William, 109 Yonge st.
Higginbotham. R., 111 Yonge st.
Hocken, William, 18 King st., west.
Hutchinson, J., 73 Yonge st.
Irwin. J., 37 Adelaide st.
Langley, W., 16 Queen st.
Langley, William, 95 Yonge st.
Little, J., 82 Yonge st.
Liver, William, 149 Queen st., west.
Loane, W., 79 King st., west.
Lowe, L., 68 Yonge st.
Lysaught, G., 37 King st., east.
Mason, J., 159 King st.
McCracken, William, 131 Yonge st.
McKeen, J., Yonge st.
Mishaw, R., 47 King st., west.
Newman, T., 84 Yonge st.
Poison, J., 92 Yonge st.
Raymond, J. B., 70 Yonge st.
Ruffin, Henry, 48 St. Lawrence market.
Russell, John, Yonge st.
Ryan, E., Church st.
Sargant & Co., St. Lawrence buildings, King st.
Shepherd, William, King st., east.
Simpson, Alexander, 220 Yonge st.
Sims, S., Yonge st.
Spread, William, 72 Yonge st.
Taylor, W. J., 97 Yonge st.
Thompson & Pierson, King st.
Tyner, J., 85 Yonge st.
Usher, James, 194 Yonge st.
Wagstaff, Thomas, 107 King st., west.
Ware, Charles, 163 Yonge st.
Westman, Joseph, 56 Queen st.
Willis, George, 40 Yonge st.
Wray, James, 91 Yonge st.
Lownsbrough, William, 68 Queen st., west.

Brewers And Distillers
CROCKER, W., distillery, Palace st.
GOODERHAM & WORTS, distillery, Trinity st.
MCKAY, ADAM, brewery, Spadina avenue.
NASH, CAYLEY & CO., Ontario brewery, Front st.
Clarke, Joseph, 64 Richmond st.
Platt, Samuel, Front st.
Copeland, W., 220 King st.
Rowall, George, Agnes st.
Farr, John, Queen st., west.
Sovereign, John, Yonge st.

Smith, J., 260 Yonge st.

BALDRY, J., manufacturer of brushes of every description, 36 King st., west.

Builders and Contractors
Bell, Richard, Richmond st.
Briggs, Robert, carpenter, Yonge st.
Burrowers, J., Elizabeth st.
Carter, Richard, Richmond st.
Clarke, George, 53 Adelaide st.
Craig, Thomas, Bay shore.
Fowler, Robert, 11 Yonge st.
HARPER, J., builder and contractor, Adelaide st., west.
Hill, Joseph, 45 Adelaide st.
Manning & Coleman, Front st.
MCBEAN & WITHROW, builders, 12 Adelaide st., west.
Metcalf, Wilson and Forbes, builders, Boulton st.
Petch, Robert, 15 Adelaide st.
Pierce, Joseph, Ellen st.
Ritchey, John, Adelaide st., west.
Ross, William, Caroline st.
Short, J. & E., 74 Richmond st.
Stewart, John, 59 Adelaide st.
Storm, William, 58 George st.
Worthington, John, Albert st.

Butchers And Victuallers
Armstrong, P., 9 St. Lawrence market.
Berriman, J., 18 St. Lawrence market.
Bishop, J., 24 St. Lawrence market.
Blong, H., 5 St. Lawrence market.
Bright, William, 38 St. Lawrence market.
Carson, J., 17 St. Lawrence market.
Clarke & Co., 10 St. Lawrence market.
Creelock, John, St. Patrick’s market.
Day, Thomas, I St. Lawrence market.
Dean, T., 12 St. Lawrence market.
Dunn, J., Queen st., west.
Dunn, John, St. Patrick’s market.
French, John, 30 St. Lawrence market.
Garlic, C., new market.
Grainger, William, 4 St. Lawrence market.
Gray, William, 14 St. Lawrence market.
Gray, John, 19 St. Lawrence market.
Hinds, R., 23 St. Lawrence market.
Holland, T., 28 St. Lawrence market.
Hutchinson, M., St. Lawrence market.
Hutty, P., 8 St. Lawrence market.
King, William, 36 St. Lawrence market.
Lumber, William, 21 St. Lawrence market.
Lynch, Thomas, St. Patrick’s market.
Morse, William, 20 St. Lawrence market.
Mulleny, P., 3 St. Lawrence market.
Murphy, A., 16 St. Lawrence market.
Oughtred, H. D., 27 St. Lawrence market.
Robinson, Thomas, Yonge st.
Robinson, George, 2 St. Lawrence market.
Sams, James, 236 Yonge st.
Scott, J., 22 St. Lawrence market.
Smith, J. E., 29 St. Lawrence market.
Sparkhall, C., 15 St. Lawrence market.
Stewart, A., new market.
Toy, Samuel, 13 St. Lawrence market.
Vine, William, 24 St. Lawrence market.
West, James, 25 St. Lawrence market.
Wickson, J., 6 St. Lawrence market.
Wilkins, William, 34 St. Lawrence market.
Wood, Robert, 11 St. Lawrence market.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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