1851 Sherbrooke Canada Directory

The principal Town of the Eastern Townships, is situated on both sides of the River Magog in the Townships of Ascot and Oxford, County of Sherbrooke and District of St. Francis, C. E. The Courts of Law for the district of St. Francis are held here, and the town is an electoral District returning one member to the Provincial Parliament. Sherbrooke is distant from Montreal, 95 miles stage fare, 23s. 9d. distant from Quebec, via Dudswell, 96 miles stage fare, 25s. distant from Boston, 250 miles stage fare, 45s. distant from Portland by Railway, (when complete) 175 miles. Population about 1050.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Public Officers
Gairdner, Hon. Justice, Montreal st.
Bowen, G. F., sheriff of the district, Main st.
Whitcher, Charles, deputy sheriff, Main st.
Ritchie, William, registrar, county Sherbrooke, Main st.
Bell, William, prothonotary, deputy clerk of the crown, and clerk of the peace, Main st. D’eTonnancour, Charles, coroner, Courthouse.
Elkins, C. P., deputy registrar, county of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke st.
Robertson, J. G., secretary to municipal council, Wellington st.
Oughtred, R., deputy grand voyer.
Hindman, C. M., crier to the court, Courthouse.
Clark, E., high constable, Main st.
Walton, J. S., secretary to the school commissioners.
Brooks, William, postmaster.
Felton, Sohn, crown lands agent, Main st.

Agencies Of Assurance Companies, Banks, &C,
Britannia Life Assurance Company, J. B. Johnston, agent, Main st. British American Land Company, A. T. Galt, commissioner, Factory st. Canada Life Assurance Company, William Ritchie, agent, Main st. City Bank of Montreal, William Ritchie, agent, Main st.
Colonial Life Assurance Company, H. Smith, agent, Main st.
Mutual Fire Insurance Company, H. Smith, secretary and treasurer, Main st. National Life Insurance Company, U. S., J. S. Walton, agent, Court at.
St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railway Office, C. S. Gzowski, chief engineer, W. H. Hopper,
agent, Main st.

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Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
BALL, A. P., dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery, hardware, drugs, &c. and saw mills at Brompton, the Square.
Brooks, WILLIAM, general merchant, carriage, harness, and shoe manufacturer, book binder, dealer in drugs and medicines, and proprietor of the Sherbrooke paper mill.
BROOKS, DR. S. T., physician and surgeon, Main st.
CHENEY, ELIAS, Magog house, hotel and general stage office, Main st.
COCKBURN, JoHN, watch and clockmaker and jeweler, the Square.
FELTON, W. L., advocate, and publisher of the “St. Francis Telegraph,” Main st. X
GALT, A. T., commissioner of the British American Land Company, Factory st.
LOMAS, ADAM, cloth, flannel, and cotton manufacturer and dyer, Upper Town, near
Magog bridge, Seymour & Whitney, agents, Montreal, and Fraser, Wyatt & Co.,
RITCHIE, WILLIAM, notary public, and agent for Canada Life Assurance Co., Main st.
ROBERTSON, J. G., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c., Wellington st.
SANBORN, J. S., M. P. P., advocate, Court st.
WALKER, WILLIAM, & SON, dealers in dry goods, groceries, and hardware, manufacturers and wholesale dealers in sheet iron and tin wares, Market st.
WALTON, J. S., printer, and agent of the National Life Insurance Company of the U. S., Court st.
Sherbrooke Gazette, weekly paper, J. S. Walton, publisher, Court st.
St. Francis Telegraph, weekly paper,
W. L. Felton, publisher, Main st.
Eaton, B. C., American House hotel, Wellington st.
Elkins, C. P., advocate, Sherbrooke st.
Griffith, John, general store, auctioneer and commission agent, Main st.
Non Members
Bailey, Joseph, pailfactory, Upper Town.
Barber & Sleeper, machinists, Upper Town.
Beekett, W. W., general store, the Square.
Beckett, H., brickmaker and builder, Main st.
Blondin, Joseph, baker, the Square.
Boyd, J. J., tailor, Wellington st.
Bryant, W. E.. cabinetmaker, the Square.
Boucherville & DeTonnancour, advocates, Court st
Camirand, O., innkeeper, Factory st.
Cole, A. D. & W. A., machinists, Factory st.
Cockburn, Misses, milliners, Court st.
Cuzner, Geo., brickyard, U. T.
Doak, W. R., general store, Magog bridge.
Drummond, John, carpenter, &c., Main st.
Elkins, H. A., grocer, Wellington st.
Fearon, J. A., blacksmith, the Square.
Felton, E. P., notary, the Square.
Felton, Miss, ladies’ school, Main st.
Frazer, J. D., general store, U. T.
Goodall, L., tanner, near Magog bridge.
Hall, A., tin and coppersmith. Magog bridge.
Hall, Miss, milliner, Factory st.
Hallowell, James, advocate, Main st.
Hannah, Robert, tailor, King st.
Harkness, Wm., carriagemaker, Upper Town.
Helmuth, Rev. J., Church of England.
Hogue, E., innkeeper, Upper Town.
Hopkinson, W., bailiff, Wellington st.
Hurd, R. P., blindfactory, Water st.
Jenks, S. B., machinist. near Magog bridge.
Jenks, Mrs., milliner, the Square.
Johnston, Dr., physician and surgeon, Main st.
Kendall, L., innkeeper, the Square.
Kendall, H.. tailor, the Square.
Lapierre, Joseph, tinsmith, the Square.
Lawson, William, shoemaker, the Square
Loomis, F., general store, Wellington st.
Loomis, G. B., general store, Wellington st.
Long, Richard. axefactory, River side.
Low, John, carpenter and joiner, Factory st.
McGoran, Rev. Mr., Roman Catholic.
Mobbs, S., tailor, the Square.
Moe, Hiram, bailiff, Wellington st.
Morkill, R. D., general store, the Square.
O’Conner, C., bailiff, Wellington st.
Rennie, James, shoemaker, Upper Town.
Robertson, Rev. James, Congregationalist.
Scott, Jacob, cabinetmaker, Upper Town.
Short, Miss, ladies’ school, Main st.
Short, Edward, advocate, Main st.
Short, John, advocate, Main st.
Sherbrooke Academy, W. Higginbotham, and Miss Robertson, principals.
Sleight, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan.
Stafford, Irwin, blacksmith, Upper Town.
Stimson, C. E., general store, the Square.
Sutherland & Co., general store, Main st.
Thompson, Alex., general store, Upper Town.
Thompson, Daniel, general store, the Square.
Tuck, S., & Co., iron founders, Upper Town.
Williams, Elijah, boarding house, Upper Town.
Winter, Alexandcr, saddler, &c., Wellington st.
Woodword, A. G., general store, the Square.
Worthington, Dr. E. D., physician and surgeon, Montreal st.

The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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