1851 Newcastle Canada Directory

A Village situated on the post road to Toronto, in the Township of Clarke, County of Durham, C. W. distant from Cobourg, 25 miles usual stage fare, 7s. 6d. from Toronto, 47 miles usual stage fare, 12s. 6d. Bond Head harbour, 11 miles distant, is the Port for Newcastle, and maybe looked upon as forming part of it steamboat fare to Cobourg. Population about 650. Bond Head, about 200.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &c.

HEWSON, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and country produce.
MOCOY, SAMUEL, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, country produce and lumber.
MCINTOSH & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and country produce.
MCINTOSH & CO., flour and saw mills, Bondhead.
MCNAUGHTON & HUNTER, dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and country produce.
LLARS & CO., dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and country pro-duce.
CONNERY, JOHN E., British Canadian hotel, and stage house an excellent house and charges moderate. Ed.
Allan, B. M., notary public.
Allen, William, carriagemaker.
Allen, Jeremiah, carpenter and builder.
Allin, Charles, cabinetmaker.
Allin, Thomas, shoemaker.
Allin, William & Sons, carpenters and builders.
Baker & Go., axe factory.
Baines, Joseph, pumpmaker.
Barcoe, Richard, Wellington hotel.
Bennett, James, distillery, 1 mile west.
Brown, Calvin, carriagemaker.
Brock, William, nurseryman.
Brockenshire, John, grocer.
Burley, Joseph, saw mill, Bondhead.
Buchan, John, saddler and harnessmaker. Callicot, Thomas, blacksmith.
Canada Life Assurance Co., G. M. Clarke, agent.
Clark, G. M., barrister at law.
Clark, Edward, collector of customs.
Carr, Henry, shoemaker.
Couch, William, shoemaker.
Couch, William, baker.
Curtis, George, tailor.
Darby, Joseph, carpenter.
Davidson, James, shoemaker,
Davy, Richard, carpenter and builder.
Eadie, James, plasterer.
Eadie, Cyril, plasterer.
Eastman, P. W., shoemaker.
Eilbeck, Misses, milliners, &c.
Eilbeck, James, fanning mill maker.
Eilbeck, James, painter.
Equitable Fire Assurance Co. of London, Samuel McCoy, agent.
Ferguson, Adna, carpenter and builder.
Fons, John, shoemaker,
Foster, Horace, storekeeper.
Fox, Thomas, brickmaker.
Fuller & Beachan, cabinetmakers.
Gray, John, millwright.
Ham, P., tailor.
Ham. Mrs., milliner.
Healy, James, butcher, Bondhead.
Herbert, John, carpenter and builder.
Hotham, Richard, butcher.
Honey, Samuel, blacksmith.
Ivory, John & William, fulling mills.
Ivory, Patrick, provincial land surveyor.
Jobes, J., tannery.
Kennedy, Rev. Thomas. Church of England.
Kerr, Dr. James, chemist and druggist.
Lee, Calvin, carpenter and builder.
Lovekins, James P., nurseryman.
McKeon, Thomas, shoemaker, Bondhead.
Massey, Daniel, ironfounder and moulder.
Maybee, Benjamin IL, cabinetmaker.
Moses, Mixon, contractor.
National Loan Fund Life Assurance Co., Samuel McCoy, agent.
Olford, John,. shoemaker.
Parker, John, innkeeper, Bondhead.
Powers, T., tailor.
Powers, W. A., shoemaker.
Rae, John, carriagemaker and smith.
Ratcliffe, Thomas, blacksmith, Bondhead.
Rose, Dr. W. H.
Robson, John, J., wharfinger, Bondhead.
Santry, Daniel, shoemaker.
Seaton, Leonard B., carriagemaker.
Small, John, tailor.
Short, John, postmaster.
Strowger, W., temperance inn, Bondhead.
Stien, Robert, painter.
Tamblyn, Thomas, tannery, Bondhead.
Targee, Lewis, tinsmith.
Taylor, William, plasterer, Bondhead.
Templeton, George, general tore.
Tinney, James, distiller, Bondhead.
Treleaven, John, cabinetmaker and carpenter, Bondhead.
Treleaven, James, carpenter and builder, Bondhead.
Tremain, Richard, blacksmith.
Trevettick, Mark, carpenter and builder, Bondhead.
Tucky & Co., fork and axe factory.
Wallace, Isaac, cooper, Bondhead.
Warren, Thomas, brickmaker.
Wilmot, Samuel, general agent.
Wilmot, Lewis, tannery.
Wilmot, Samuel, township clerk and clerk of division court.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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