D- California Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements

A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Dahnohabe (stone mountain) . A Pomo village said to have been on the w. side of Clear lake, Lake co., Cal., with 70 inhabitants in 1851.

Danokha (Danoχo). A former Pomo village on the N. shore of Clear lake, Cal.

Dapishul (Dá-pi-shūl, ‘high sun’). A former Pomo village in Redwood valley, Mendocino co., Cal. Powers in Cont. N. A. Ethnol., iii, 155, 1877.

Daupom Wintun (sloping-ground Wintun). A Wintun tribe formerly living in Cotton wood valley, Shasta co., Cal.

Djishtangading. A Hupa village at a bend in Trinity r. at the extreme s. end of Hupa valley, Cal., below the mouth of Tishtangatang cr. (P. E. G.)

Duasno. A former Kawia village on or near the Cahuilla res., s. Cal. (Jackson and Kinney, Rep. Miss. Ind., 18, 1883). Possibly intended for Durazno (Span. peach ).

Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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