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California Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alcatraz Island, Fortifications on, California – San Francisco Harbor.
Alert, Camp, California – Near San Francisco.
Anderson, Camp, California – In Humboldt County.
Anderson, J. W., Camp, California – At Sacramento.
Angel Island, Fort on, California – Now Fort McDowell.

Babbitt Camp, California – At Visalia.
Baker Fort, California – On Mud River, in Humboldt County.
Baker Fort, California – At Lime Point, San Francisco Harbor.
Banning Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Barret Camp, California – At Fruitvale.
Benicia Arsenal, California – At Benicia.
Benicia Barracks, California – At Benicia.
Bidwell Fort, California – In Surprise Valley, Modoc County; now town of that name.
Bragg Fort, California – Fifty miles south of Cape Mendocino, Mendocino County; now town of that name.
Brothers Islands, Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor.
Burton Camp, California – At San Diego.

Cady Camp, California – On Mojave River, 145 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
California State Soldiers’ Home. – Yountville, California
Callahan’s Ranch, Camp near, California – In Scotts Valley.
Cape of Pines Fort on California – Harbor of Monterey.
Carleton Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Cass Camp, California – At Redbluff.
Cavallo Point Battery, California – At Cavallo Point.
Crook Fort California – On Fall River, in Shasta County.
Curtis Camp, California – In Humboldt County.

Dead Mans Island Reservation, California – In Wilmington Harbor.
Defiance Fort, California – Four miles below Fort Yuma.
Discharge Camp, California – On Angel Island.
Downey Camp, California – In Contra Costa County.
Drum Camp, California – Near San Pedro
Drum Barracks, California – Near Wilmington

Far West Barracks, California – Near Marysville
Fitzgerald Camp, California – At Los Angeles.
Fontana Barracks, California – At San Francisco.

Gaston Fort, California – In Hoopa Valley
Grant National Park, Camp in, California
Guejarros Fort, California – At eastern entrance to San Diego Bay.

Hill Fort, California – At Monterey.
Humboldt Fort, California – At Bucksport, on Humboldt Bay.

Iaqua Camp, California – In Humboldt County.
Independence Fort, California – On Oak Creek, in Owens River Valley.

Jaqua Camp, California – In northwest California. {See Iaqua)
Jones Fort, California – In Scotts Valley, Siskiyou County; now town of that name.

La Paz Camp, California – In Lower California.
Latham Camp, California – Near Los Angeles.
Lime Point Fort at, California – Fort Baker.
Lincoln Camp, California – Near Crescent City.
Lobos Point Fort at, California – Fort Miley.
Lorna Point Reservation, California – In San Diego Harbor.
Low Camp, California – At San Juan.

Maine Island Reservation, California – San Pablo Bay.
Marian Islands Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor.
Mason Fort, California – At Black Point, San Francisco.
Mendocino Fort at California – Fort Bragg.
Merriam Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Merritt Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Miiey Fort, California – At Point Lobos, San Francisco Harbor.
Miller Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Miller Fort, California – On San Joaquin River, at Millerton.
Molate Inland Reservation, California – San Francisco Bay.
Monterey Barracks, California – At Monterey.
Monterey Ordnance Depot, California – At Monterey.
Monterey, Fort (old), California – At Monterey.
Monterey Redoubt, California – At Monterey.
Montgomery Fort, California – Near San Francisco.
Morris Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Mulgrave Fort, California

McClear Camp, California – On Fergno River.
McDowell Fort, California – On Angel Island, San Francisco Bay.
Mackall Camp, California – In Round Valley.

Pacific Branch Solders’ Home, California – Los Angeles County.
Pardees Ranch Post, California – On old Trinity Trail.
Peninsula Island Reservation, California
Point Fort, California – At Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay; now Fort Winfield Scott.
Point Lobos Fort at, California – Fort Miley.
Point Lorna Reservation, California – At Loma Point.
Point San Jose Fort at, California – Now Fort Mason.
Pool’s Fort, California – On Kings River, Fresno County.
Prentiss, Camp, California – Near San Bernardino.
Presidio of Monterey, California – At Monterey.
Presidio of San Diego, California – At San Diego.
Presidio of San Francisco, California – At San Francisco.
Presidio of Santa Barbara, California – At Santa Barbara.
Protection Island Reservation, California – Opposite Protection Island, entrance to Port Discovery.

Rancho del Chino Post, California – Thirty miles southeast from Los Angeles.
Rancho de Jurupa Post, California – On Santa Anna River.
Reading Fort, California – In Shasta County.
Red Rock Reservation, California – Molate Island, San Francisco Harbor.
Reynolds Camp, California – On Angel Island; now Fort McDowell.
Riley Camp, California – Twelve miles from San Diego.
Rosecrans Fort, California – At San Diego.
Ross Fort, California – Sonoma County, on the coast, 40 miles north of Bodega Bay; now town of that name.

Sacramento Fort at, California – Sutters Fort.
San Bernardino Camp, California – On Dead Man’s Island.
San Carlos Battery, California – At Monterey.
San Diego Barracks, California – At San Diego.
San Diego Fort at, California – Fort Rosecrans.
San Felipe Camp, California – On San Felipe Creek.
San Francisco National Cemetery, California – At the Presidio.
San Joaquin Fort, California – Entrance to Bay of San Francisco; present site of Fort Winfield Scott.
San Jose Point Fort, California – On Bay of San Francisco; present site of Fort Mason.
San Miguel Camp, California – In Tulare Valley.
San Pablo Bay Reservation, California
San Pedro Reservation California
Santa Barbara Camp at, California – At Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara Presidio of, California – At Santa Barbara.
Santa Isabel Camp, California – Sixty miles east of San Diego.
Scott Winfield Fort, California – At the Presidio, San Francisco.
Sequoia National Park Reservation and Camp in, California.
Seward Fort, California – On Eel River, 65 miles southeast of Humboldt.
Sisters The Reservation, California – In San Francisco Bay.
Sonoma Camp, California – At Sonoma.
Stanislaus Camp, California – On Stanislaus River
Steele Camp, California – On Meade River.
Sutter’s Fort, California – Near Sacramento; also called Fort Sacramento.

Taylor Camp, California – On Pitt River, 8 miles southeast from Fort Crook.
Tejon Fort, California – Kern County near Tejon Pass, 90 miles north of Los Angeles
Tee-waw Fort, California – Near Crescent City.
Three Brothers Reservation California – Entrance to San Pablo Bay.
Three Sisters Reservation, California – Entrance to San Pablo Bay.
Tulare Camp, California – In Tulare County.

Union Camp, California – Near Sacramento.

Weller Fort, California – On Russian River, 50 miles from Cloverdale.
Winfield Scott Fort, California – At the Presidio; was formerly called Fort Point.
Wood A. E. Camp, California – In Yosemite National Park.
Wool Fort, California – Mouth of Trinity River
Wright Fort, California – In Round Valley
Wright General Hospital, California – At San Francisco
Wright Camp, California – Near Warner’s Ranch

Yerba Buena Island Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor
Yuma Fort, California – On Colorado River, opposite month of the Gila.

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