Biography of William T. Carden

(See Hildebrand) Barbara Hildebrand born in Tennessee January 13, 1828. Married Robert Woodard from whom she was divorced and then married William Longknife. Both her husbands were Cherokees. William and Barbara Longknife who had been living on Honey Creek in Delaware District joined the California argonauts in 1850. The caravan in which they embarked consisted of about seventy five persons, one-third of whom were Cherokees, among whom were: O. H. P. and George W. Brewer, James S. Vann, Martin Matthew Scrimsher, John Hildebrand, John Wolf, John W. Candy, Buffalo, Richard R. Keys, Thomas Fox Taylor, Return Jonathan Meigs, Mr. and Mrs. Longknife. They started from the mouth of Verdigris, going northwest over the old California trail until they intercepted the Evans route which extended westward from Westport.

They traveled six months before reaching their destination. R. J. Meigs who was a son-in-law of Chief John Ross died near Salt Lake, Utah on August 6, 1850. Mary Jane, the eldest daughter of William and Barbara Longknife was born while enroute on September 18, 1850. She is now living in Honolulu.

The second daughter, Anna Diane Longknife was born in California June 23, 1859. She was educated in and graduated from the Sacred Heart Convent in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1875.

Married in Honolulu June 24, 18&4 John Joseph Carden. He died September 15, 1915.

They were the parents of: William Thomas, born March 3, 1888; John Joseph, born February 25, 1890; Edward Walter, born October 21, 1892, and Mae Mary Anna Carden, born December 19, 1895.

William Thomas Carden graduated from the University of California with the B. L. degree and from Harvard as a L. L. B., and is an attorney.

He married March 23, 1916 Florence Gavin Cassidy; their daughter, Florence Aline Carden was born March 12, 1917. John Joseph Carden graduated from the University of California with the B. S. degree and from John Hopkins University Medical Department. He is a Captain in the Medical Corps of the United States Army and is stationed at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

Edward Walter Carden graduated from the University of California. Married August 10, 1918 Hazel Hunt Vinton and their daughter, Barbara Vinton Carden was born March 28, 1921. Mae Mary Anna Carden graduated with the A. B. degree from Vassar and is living with her mother in Honolulu. Barbara (Hildebrand) Longknife’s mother was named Diane Graves instead of Susannah Graves, as given in the Hildebrand family.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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