Biography of Miles Shoemaker

Miles Shoemaker is the owner of a twenty-acre tract on the east side of Riverside Avenue, about two and a half miles south of Riverside. He purchased land in 1882 from Mrs. Hattie S. Travers, and in the same year commenced making improvements upon the place by planting citrus and deciduous fruits and vines. About live acres of his laud lies east of the upper canal, and is not susceptible of irrigation from the Riverside water system. Upon this elevated portion he has erected his cottage residence and outbuildings. The balance of his land fifteen acres is all under cultivation. He has an orange grove of ten acres, the trees ranging in age from seven years to those planted in 1889. He has some of the finest trees to be found in his section, and has used great care in their pruning, fertilization and cultivation from their first planting. His vineyard of three and one-half acres has also received its share of his attention, and has been remarkably prolific in its yield. In 1888 this three and one-half acres and two and one-half acres of vines grown among his orange trees, produced a crop that sold for $1,100. In the same year his oranges brought him $790. In 1886 his raisin and orange crop sold for $2,200. He is a practical and successful horticulturist and is destined to have one of the most productive groves in Riverside. He has grown the greater portion of the nursery stock used in his orange-growing, and at this writing (1889) has a fine nursery stock with which to increase the area of his groves. All the improvements upon his place have been made since his purchase in 1882.

The subject of this sketch was born in Delaware County, Indiana, in 1849. His parents, John and Maria (Meyers) Shoemaker, were natives of Pennsylvania, and were among the early settlers of his native county. Mr. Shoemaker was reared and schooled in his native place, and early in life inured to farm labors. He followed that occupation until he came to California and established himself in his present pursuits.

In 1873 he married Miss Amanda S. Carpenter. From this union there are two children: Carson and Susie. Mr. Shoemaker is an energetic and practical man, and his efforts in orange growing have been successful; noticeably so, considering the age of his trees. Such men are always a desirable acquisition to the community. In politics he is a Republican, sound in his principles and conservative in action. He has the well merited respect of his neighbors and associates.



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