1861 Directory of Gold Hill California

1861 Directory of Gold Hill California

Anderson Andrew, miner
Arnold John, miner,

Baluss John, laborer
Banvard B. H. mason
Bell John, teamster, Main St
Berk George, butcher, Main St
Black R. miner, bds American Hotel
Blane George, miner, bds American Hotel
Bond J. A. physician, bds Mason’s Hotel, Main St
Bowers D. hotel-keeper, Turnpike Road
Brannon D. if. saloon-keeper, Main St
Brown G. miner
Burton & McCarty, G. H. & L. G. mer, Main St

Campbell Wm. blacksmith
Challioll Geo. miner
Clary S. meat pedler
Crocker & Young, merchants
Crocker C. E. of firm C. & Y.
Culleun Geo, prop. El Dorado Saloon, Main St.

Dark Jas. O. bar kp. El Dorado Sal’n. Main St.
Day N. L. speculator, Main St.
Deadman William, saloon keeper, bds Mason’s hotel, Main St.
Decker Jo. prop. bakery, Main St.
Densmore G. P. miner
Duchstein F. shoemaker, Main St
Duvall A. J. ditch agent, boards at Mason’s hotel, Main St.

Flure E. prop. ball-alley, Main street
Francis Hiram, musician

Haggert M. miner
Hall R. B. physician and surgeon, Main St.
Harford. P. F. butcher, Main St.
Hart E. miner
Henn F. W. butcher, Main St.
Hess F. miner
Hill Dr. J. A. agent W. F. & C, Main St.

James Jno. clerk, Main St.
Janson Chas. clerk, Main St.

Kelly F. H. prop’r livery stable
Kennedy H. miner

Lawhorn G. W. miner, Mason’s Hotel
Lahsl H. prop. ball alley, Main St
Love Jno. miner
Lahsl N. clothing, Main St

Mahoney D. prop’r American Hotel
Mahoney Thos. Miner
Marsh Julius, dry goods merchant
Mason D. O. prop’r Mason’s Hotel
Maude C. dry goods merchant
McClure G. W. laborer
McClure Sam. laborer
Merrick S. D. saloon keeper
Miller Zelous, miner
Millett Peter, miner
Moore Sam. H. prop’r stage line

Nagel Jas. M. saloon keeper, Main St
Nunnally T. C. El Dorado saloon, Main St

Ogden Geo. prop’r stage line
Ohje Jno. miner
Owens M. S. wood-sawyer

Peterson Chas. miner
Peterson Christian, miner
Peterson James, turner, bds Mason’s Hotel
Powers L. miner, residence Main St.
Price W. W. miner

Rodick Thos. meat-pedler
Rogers Augustus, miner
Rogers Sam. saloon keeper,
Rogers Thos. miner,
Rosenbohm Jno. miner,
Ross Thatcher, merchant,
Riche J. L. miner, Henn & Harford

Schultz Chas. miner
Smith John, blacksmith, Main St.
Smith Rufus, public administrator, bds American Hotel
St. Clair L. turner
Starr H. W. carpenter, bds Mason’s Hotel, Main St.
Stechler John, miner
Stinson Benoni, daguerrean artist,
Stinson L. J. daguerrean artist

Tramell J. miner, bds Mason’s Hotel, Main St.
Trummel Albert, carpenter

Waldren M. ditch agent, residence
Waldren Thos. meat pedler, Henn & Harford
Webber Chas. wagon maker, Main St.
Whipple H. teamster, Main St.

Young John, merchant, C. & Y. Main St.


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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