1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California

1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California

Abeel Henry, miner
Abeel Jacob, miner
Abeel Jno. miner
Allen Crawford, clerk
Amburgh R. miner
Anderson Jno. miner
Anderson Thos. miner
Antwerp E. lawyer
Armstrong Jno, livery stable
Arnstein L. merchant
Austin E. miner
Austin Jno. miner
Austin R. miner
Austin Thos. miner

Bader C. miner
Bailey S. S. clerk
Baker S. miner
Barker F. miner
Barker Jno. miner
Barker O. C. miner
Barkley J. H. merchant
Barnum S. D. miner
Barr S. R. miner
Barrett E. A. miner
Bartlett G. F. ditchman
Bavin Wm. miner
Beal G. P. miner
Beard A. miner
Belden W. W. miner
Bennett C. blacksmith
Bennett J. N. miner
Bentley A. D. miner
Bentley I. miner
Berdiet J. miner
Bixbury S. miner
Blackburn B. carpenter
Blaekmore A. miner
Blake A. miner
Blanchard N. W. miner
Bloom J. S. farmer
Boardman J. miner
Bock H. miner
Boke A. miner
Boke Jno. miner
Bookstand R. H. miner
Borach Al. miner
Boust E. B. editor of Enquirer
Bowen H_ miner
Bower A. J. miner
Boyd C. M. miner
Boyd Jno. miner
Bradley E. L. ditch owner
Bradley G. A. ditch-tender
Bradley Wm.. ditchman
Brandy J. miner
Bresston James; miner
Brickell I. W. teamster
Briggs E. M. miner
Broils J. miner
Broils Thos. miner
Brooks J. W. miner
Brooks Thos. miner
Brown A. milkman
Brown Adam, miner
Brown C. J. miner
Brown H. G. miner
Browning S. M. miner
Budd James, miner
Burckhalten F. merchant
Burk F. P. miner
Burns Thos. miner

Caldawood J. F. miner
Caldawood M. H. hose-maker
Caldwell W. IL miner
Casidy C. C. miner
Cassiday Owen, miner
Cassidy G. W. miner
Chamberlin Gee. W. miner
Chapmin F. B. miner
Childs H. F. tinner
Churchill J. miner
Clark C. S. miner
Clark Paul, miner
Cohen G. merchant
Cole J. miner
Colgrove J. S. miner
Colvin A. J. miner
Combs W. G. miner
Conald C. miner
Cook Jacob, miner
Cooper B. saloon keeper
Copp L. D. butcher
Cortilyou W. H. miner
Cox John, miner
Cummings J. miner
Currier C. C. clerk
Currier E. C. miner
Curtis Henry, miner

Daniel R. miner
Daniels N. miner
Darman Thomas, miner
Davidson B. miner
Davis Charles, miner
Davis H. millman
Davis M. miner
Davis P. F. miner
Davis W. D. miner
Denning W. S. miner
Denoyer Frank, miner
Dickerson William, miner
Dolstown Peter, miner
Dorenbach C. F. miner
Dorenbach J. miner
Downs J. miner
Drouthman -, miner
Drum P. D. miner
Dulang Jas. miner
Duncan H. miner
Dykes T. J. miner

Easten Stephen, miner
Eatman M. H. miner
Ebeet G. miner
Eckels S. A. J. miner
Eddy W. miner
Egan James, miner
Elliott L. M. miner
Ellis L. M. miner
Elm Casper, miner
Emmon Peter, miner
Eros William, miner
Erwin Robert, miner

Fairchilds H. R. miner
Fake D. A. miner
Farber J. miner,
Farr Adam miner
Farr Philip, miner
Fiddler W. K. miner
Fillmore A. B. miner
Fitz Patrick Barney, miner
Fogle Lewis, milkman
Ford W. miner
Forner Jno. miner
Foster Jno. miner
Foust Benjamin, miner
Fowler A. C. miner
Fredrick D. miner
Freedman A. merchant
Fridle Andrew, miner
Fritz Michael, butcher
Fry W. A. miner
Fuller J. N. miner
Fulmer N. miner
Furman Otto, miner

Gafiney John, miner
Gale W. A. miner
Gallinton A. B. miner
Gay E. miner
Gay W. C. miner
Georges, J. miner
Gibson J. J. miner
Gilbreath Austin, miner
Gillman A. S. miner
Gillman Wm. miner
Gise J. H. miner
Gleason J. H. miner
Gooding A. J. miner
Graves John J. turner
Grigsby John, miner
Grischott M. miner
Gross F. butcher
Gross Louis, merchant

Hall T. miner
Hall W. W. miner
Hamel William, miner
Hamilton A. H. miller
Hansen F. miner
Hansen J. miner
Harding A. miner
Harding D. M. miner
Harriman S, B. miner
Harriman W. D. miner
Harvey Geo.. A. turner
Hathaway D. F. miner
Hawkins W. L. miner
Hayne S. A. miner
Haynes Z. M. miner
Heath M. miner
Hedrich Andrew, miner
Hemphill A. miner
Herron E.G. merchant
Heyman S. saloon keeper
Higby J. O. miner
Higgins Sam. miner
Hightower W. miner
Hildreth H. miner
Hilly er H. miner
Hilton C. miner
Hobbs G. B. miner
Hodges S. C. miner
Hoffman William, miner
Hogon E. miner
Holmes P. B. blacksmith
Homan Frank, miner
Hooper W. miner
Hoover C. miner
Hose Stephen, miner
Howard Joseph, miner
Hubbard A. miner
Hudepohl H. merchant
Hudepohl R. merchant
Huff IL miner
Hughs J. miner
Hunt C. miner,
Hunter Samuel, miner
Hurbergen M. miner
Hurn William, miner
Huyck Aaron, miner
Hyslop John, miner

Irvion Henson, miner
Irwin David, miner

Jackson Andrew, miner
Jackson Andrew, miner
Jamison Frank, carpenter
Janchins B. miner
Johnson J. J. miner
Johnson N. miner
Johnston E. E. miner
Jones J. milkman
Jones Moses W. miner
Jones S. D. miner
Jones T. L. miner

Kane Thos. miner
Keller H. D. miner
Kessler Julius, miner
Kimble H. baker
King A. M. carpenter
Kinsley Henry, miner
Kinsley Jacob, miner
Kipp A. miner
Kitcher A. B. miner
Knight A. miner
Kopp Chas. M. saloon keeper
Koppmanan John, miner
Kurger W. H. clerk
Kyle Thos. miner

Lakamp J. H. shoemaker
Law James S. ditch tender
Lee O. H. miner
Lee W. N. miner
Leeman James, miner
Lewis Sam. P. miner
Lewis T. M. miner
Logan Robert, miner
Long D. miner
Lowry Sam. miner
Lyons C. miner
Lyons Charles, miner

Mackin Geo. miner
Mahns Chas. miner
Mahoney Michael, miner
Mansfield M. F. miner
Marr Benj. A. miner
Mason Joseph, miner
Mathews J. B. miner
Mathewson Jas. T. constable
Matoon J. S. blacksmith
Mattoon E. blacksmith
Mayn J. A. miner
McCamish David, miner
McCulloch Geo. W. farmer
McDonald J. B. miner
McDonald L. W. miner
McGrew F. A. miner
McHally F. N. miner
McKee W. S. farmer
McKinney Willis, miner
McMichal John, miner
McMullen R. miner
McVay W. miner
Meek Abram, miner
Melzner G. W. saloon keeper
Miller C. W. clerk & gold dust buyer
Miller G. W. miner
Milney Jas. miner
Mitchell Wm. miner
Moody John F. miner
Mooney Thos. miner
Moore B. F. agent W. F. & Co.
Morris Thos. miner
Moses Felix, miner
Murphy James T. miner,
Murphy John, miner
Murrah J. miner
Mushrush J. B. miner
Mushrush J. blacksmith
Myer John B. miner
Myers E. G. miner
Myers H. L. miner

Nasman A. miner
Nayor F. miner
Nelson H. W. physician and surgeon
Nichol S. miner
Nichols J. H. miner
Nichols T.’ J. clerk
Nichols Wallace
Nighthart P. miner
Nodin F. miner
Norris J. W. miner
Norton Harry, miner
Noyes C. A. miner

O’Niel R. C. tinner and merchant
Ormsby Oliver, miner

Paine F. A. miner
Painter M. B. miner
Palmer W. C. miner
Palrick E. B. miner
Palridge A. S. miner
Parker Thos. D. miner
Parsons Wm, biggest liver in town
Perry T. miner
Peterson E. miner
Phillips Geo. miner
Phillips W. W. miner
Pinney R. H. miner
Pisenti Jno. miner
Pisenti Martin, miner
Platceck Win. miner
Plumber C. B. clerk
Pollard B. miner
Pollard W. miner
Porter A. miner
Pottle J. W. miner
Powers O. P. miner
Pratt H. A. miner
Priest James, miner

Quillin O. S. M. miner
Quinn M. miner

Racklin B. miner
Rathborn A. A. miner
Rathborn L. C. miner
Read G. miner
Reynolds Chas. miner
Rhodes A. J. miner
Rhodes A. miner
Richards J. miner
Richer R. A. school-teacher
Richmond W. C. merchant
Roberly John, miner
Rodewald Chas. miner
Rodgers W. A. miner
Rorve Wm. miner
Roservean J. W. miner
Ruperight John, miner
Russell R. H. miner

Salon T. F. miner
Sanks F. miner
Scull A. C. miner
Seabert Chas. miner
Seffens Chas. hotel keeper
Sendy D. M. miner
Shafer Silas, miner
Shaw Andrew, miner
Shaw Wm. miner
Shering Jas. miner
Shirley Peter, miner
Shoup Jacob, miner
Shultz John, miner
Shuts Daniel, miner
Slade Thos. P. lawyer
Slocumb Geo. L.clerk
Smith A. miner
Smith J. C. miner
Smith Joseph, miner
Smith Nathan, miner
Smith T. R. miner
Smith W. H. miner
Smith William, miner
Snider, W. H. miner
Snyder J. E. miner
Speak Richard, tailor
Spencer E. miner
Spiden M. miner
Squire Geo. miner
Staples J. P. miner
Stein Wm. miner
Stone J. B. miner
Stratton W. C. State Librarian
Strickland M. L. engineer
Stroben Chas. miner
Strong Dr. D. W. druggist
Suensen A. C. miner

Tamrer O. miner
Teal J. W. miner
Terry J. L. tailor
Thomas E. M. miner
Thomas Edward, miner
Thomas J. G. miner
Thompson Alex. miner
Thompson W. miner
Thorndike D. W. miner
Tomlinson S. miner
Tower Gideon, miner
Trim Robt. M. ditchman
Turk David, miner

Undry Wm. miner
Uren Wm. blacksmith

Wagoner J. N. miner
Walker B. F. clerk
Wallace Chas. miner
Wallhizer Wm. saloon keeper
Walton G. S. miner
Wanmington Joseph, miner
Warner C. miner
Warner E. miner
Wyruns A. C. miner
Warner Thos. miner
Warren O. F. miner
Washburn C. miner
Waters Abram, miner
Waters H. miner
Waters Wm. miner
Weddle A. T. miner,
Weeks C. S. miner
Weeks W. miner
Welkey Wm. miner
Wheeland M. miner
White Samuel, miner
Whiteup T. C. miner
Whiting Leonard, miner
Wick C. miner
Wick Philip, miner
Wilkinson S. A. miner
Williams H. miner
Williams John T. miner
Williams L. miner
Williams S. miner
Williams S. miner
Williams T. J. miner
Willis A. miner
Willits Jas. H. merchant
Wisgasper H. miner
Wodworth Isaac, miner
Wright W. saloon keeper & carpenter

Zerr John, saloon keeper


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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