Fort Smith (Westark) Junior College Yearbooks 1929-2003

1939 Fort Smith Junior College Yearbook
1939 Fort Smith Junior College Yearbook

The Boreham Library at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, enabled 62 copies of the university yearbooks to be digitized and made freely available online, 1929-2003.

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith was established in 1928 as an extension of the public school system in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Known originally as Fort Smith Junior College, the institution operated within the Fort Smith public school system until 1950, when the school was incorporated as a private, nonprofit institution with its own governing board. In September 1952, the College moved from borrowed facilities in the high school to its current site. In 1966, the institution’s name was changed from Fort Smith Junior College to Westark Junior College, and in 1972, to Westark Community College, indicating the larger area to be served and reflecting the more comprehensive mission. It is now part of the University of Arkansas system and goes by that name.

The yearbooks during this period was known as the “Pioneer” and “Nuna”. Yearbooks provide a window into student life. From sports teams to clubs, fashions to hairstyles, these volumes document the changing attitudes and culture of college students year by year.

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