Arkansas African American Records

Arkansas African American Genealogy online research is much more difficult due to the scant nature of record keeping for African American’s prior to the Civil War. This is the reason for creating a separate section for African Americans much like we have for Native Americans who’s research can also be hampered by the available records. The links below provide an accurate reflection of what is available to be searched for African American genealogy.


AccessGenealogy. Black Genealogy. Web.

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  1. I am searching for my ancestors that I know lived in Arkansas in 1880. Charlotte Powell, the daughter of Drucilla and Phillip Powell (both originally from Virginia) lived in Point Revome Township, Conway County, Arkansas in 1880. This information I discovered in census records. In 1900, Charlotte (Downs?) was then recorded as living in Morrillton City, Arkansas Conway County, Dist 0016 with her mother Drucilla and 6 children (Iroq Bland, Hattie Bland, Ida, Walter, A.D., and Daniel ) I am trying to find any census records from the year 1890. I understand, through my research, that the census records were damaged in a fire in March 1896. I am an educator and I have been working on this information for the past 2 years. I would appreciate any information that you have available on my family as I know that they were a part of the great migration. Ida, who is my great grandmother, ended up living in Chicago, Illinois and raising her son, Harold Lloyd Lucas Jr., who is my grandfather. Unfortunately, our family has no connection to any of Ida’s siblings which I am attempting to remedy. I would like to know my family. Please help. Thank you.

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