Switzers of Indiana

Abraham Switzer, son of immigrant Valentine Switzer, and his wife, Mary Hotzenpillar Switzer, was born in Hampshire County, Va., on April 4, 1767, and died near Crawfordsville, Ind., Jan. 12, 1838. He was married to Elizabeth Grant.

Elizabeth Grant Switzer, was married to Abraham Switzer. She was born September 30, 1777. Died Aug. 10, 1845.


Polly Switzer, born Sept. 12, 1798
Peter Switzer, born May 27, 1801.
Sally Switzer, born April 11, 1803.
James Switzer, born March 18, 1805.
John Switzer, born Oct. 6, 1807.
Elizabeth Switzer, born June 3, 1810.
Louisa Switzer, born Feb. 16, 1813.
Gaily Switzer, born Nov. 28, 1815.
Maranda Switzer, born July 20, 1819.


A tradition held by this family, is, that Abraham Switzer was himself an Immigrant, coming from Switzerland. Concerning his settlement in Ken­tucky and the family relation of his wife, the record is indefinite. From near Winchester, Ky., he moved his family in 1829 to Montgomery County, Ind., of which Crawfordsville is the county seat. Near this city are still to be found representatives of this family.

In the records of Franklin County, Ky., for Jan. 12, 1797, there is given the marriage of Abraham Switzer and Elizabeth Grant. The tradition that this marriage took place in Pennsylvania is probably incorrect.

James Switzer, son of Abraham and Elizabeth Grant Switzer, married Mary Donaldson, whose family continued to live near Winchester, Ky. This family also lived near Crawfordsville, Md. The children of James and Mary Donaldson Switzer were Abraham C., William F., John A., Milton James, Eliza, Isabelle and Walker.

Milton James Switzer married Mary Elizabeth Riley Rector, Oct. 8, 1862. Their children were Mattie Switzer Wayman and Guy F. Switzer, both of Los Angeles, Calif., Alberta Switzer Runnell, of Hillsboro, Md., and Dr. Jesse F. Switzer, Bloomington, Ind. Dr. Switzer holds a Professorship in the State University.

The Abraham and Elizabeth Grant Switzer descendants reveal a men­tal quality characteristic of Valentine Switzer, the ancestor. They have not varied in the spelling of the name. Many others of undoubted kinshin have adopted the spelling Swisher. From one standpoint this is most unfortunate. Genealogy suffers an irretrievable loss by such action.

(W. F. S.)

Peter Switzer, son of immigrant Valentine Switzer and his wife, Mary Hotzenpillar Switzer, was born in Virginia, May 9, 1769, and died in Indiana, Nov. 14, 1844. He was married to Mary Ann Hoover, at Winchester, Va., Oct. 24, 1794.
Mary Ann Hoover Switzer, was born in Virginia, May 4, 1774, and died in Indiana, Nov. 26, 1848


Abraham Switzer, born July 18, 1795, died Nov. 24, 1863.
Isaac Switzer, born Sept. 15, 1797, died June 21, 1870.
Jacob Switzer, born May 6, 1800, died April 30, 1892.
John Switzer, born Feb. 20, 1803, died Jan. 11, 1863.
Elizabeth Switzer, born Jan. 24, 1806, died Nov. 17, 1845.
William Switzer, born Dec. 14, 1809.
Absolom Switzer, born July 20, 1811, died Dec. 1, 1888.
Mary Ann Switzer, born July 20, 1814.
Sarah Switzer, born June 13, 1817.
Wesley Switzer, born March 24, 1821, died March 4, 1904.


The marriage record at Winchester, Va. Court House, gives the date as Oct. 21, 1794, but the family Bible of Peter and Mary Ann Switzer has the date set as October 24, 1794. The date when the license was issued and the date of the marriage ceremony might account for this difference. They were mar­ried by Rev. Christian Strieit of the Lutheran Church.

The parentage of Mary Ann Hoover Switzer cannot be determined for lack of specific statement. The family of Jacob Hoover was closely connected with the Switzers in business and religious life. No certainties are available.

Peter Switzer, in 1807, moved his family to Ross County, Ohio, and bought land in what was afterward within Pike County. Here, several children of the family were born. In the war of 1812, Peter Switzer and his son Abra­ham both enlisted and rendered service. The D. A. R. organization has made careful investigation and is authority for announcing the military standing of those whose names are in the Public Records at Chillicothe, Ohio.

In 1824, the son of John Switzer, then 21 years old, was sent to Indiana and entered public land in Vermillion County. In 1834, Peter Switzer sold his Ohio property and moved to Indiana, having bought his son John’s farm. In the family cemetery on this farm Peter and Mary Ann Switzer rest from their labors.

The family marriages were as follows:

Abraham Switzer married Leah Parrill.
Isaac Switzer married Casandra Foster.
John Switzer married Mary A. C. Dillon.
Elizabeth Switzer married Silas Parrill.
Absalom Switzer married Maria Day.
Mary Ann Switzer married Charles W. Loney.
Sarah Switzer married William Brewer.
Wesley Switzer married Nancy Henderson.

(W. F. S.)



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