Frontier Forts – S Forts

Sabine, Fort, Louisianna – On Sabine Lake, 3 miles below Sabine City.
Sabine, Fort, Texas – In Sabine Pass, Jefferson County.
Sacandaga Blockhouse at, New York – In Schoharie County.
Sac and Fox Agency – Iowa.
Saco Fort, Maine – On Saco River, near the falls.
Sacket Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Sacket Harbor, Post at, New York – Madison Barracks.
Sackville Fort, Indiana – At Vincennes.
Sacramento, Fort at, California – Sutters Fort.
Sadler Camp, Nevada – At Carson City.
Saguina, or Saginaw, Bay, Fort at, Michigan – On Lake Huron.
St. Andrews Sound, Fort at, Georgia – On Cumberland Island.
St. Anne, Fort, New York – Isle La Motte, Lake Champlain; also called Fort La Motte.
St. Anthony, Fort, Minnesota – Name changed to Fort Snelling.
St. Asaphs Fort, Kentucky – Also called Logan’s Fort.
St. Augustine Fort at, Florida – Now Fort Marion.
St. Augustine National Cemetery, Florida – St. Augustine.
St. Bernard. Fort, Florida – At Pensacola.
St. Bernard Bay Fort on, Texas
St. Carlos Fort, Florida – Near Fernandina.
Sr. Catherines Sound Fortifications at, Georgia
Sr. Charles Battery, Arkansas – Near White River.
St. Charles or San Carlos Fort, Florida – Now Fort Barrancas.
St. Charles Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Charles Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid..
St. Charles Fort, Missouri – In St. Louis.
St. Clair Fort, Ohio – On St. Clair River, near Eaton.
St. Clair Morton, Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville. {See Morton, St. Clair.)
St. Croix Island Fort, Maine – In Schoodic River.
St. Dionysius Redoubt, Alaska – At Fort Wrangel.
St. Elizabeth General Hospital, D. C. – At Washington.
St. Ferdinand Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Fernando Fort, Tennessee – About 3 miles from Memphis.
St. Francis Fort, Arkansas – Mouth of St. Francis River.
St. Francis Barracks, Florida – At St. Augustine.
St. Francis de Pupa Fort, Florida – On St. Johns River.
St. Frederic Fort, New York – On Lake Champlain, near Crownpoint.
St. George Fort, Florida – On Amelia Island
St. George Fort, Maine – At Phippsburg.
St. George Fort, Maine – .At Thomaston.
St. George Fort, New York – On Long Island, near Mastic.
St. George Fort, Rhode Island.
St. Georges Bay and River, Fort on, Maine.
St. Georges Sound, Reservation, Florida
St. Helena Sound Fort on, South Carolina – Fort Fremont.
St. Inigoes Fort, Maryland – Near St. Marys.
St. James General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. John Fort, Louisiana – On Lake Pontchartrain, near New Orleans.
St. John Fort, New York
St. John Camp, Virginia – In Fairfax County.
St. Johns Bluff, Battery at, Florida – Mouth of St. Johns River.
St. Johns Hill Battery at, Kentucky – Near Newport.
St. John the Baptist Fort, New Mexico – On the Rio del Norte.
St. John the Baptist, Fort, Texas – On the west bank of the Rio Bravo.
St. Josephs Fort, Florida – On St. Josephs Bay.
St. Joseph, Fort, Illinois – Near head of Illinois River.
St. Joseph, Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans;
St. Joseph, Fort, Michigan – On Lake Huron, present site of Fort Gratiot.
St. Joseph’s General Hospital – In New York City.
St. Josephs River Fort at, Michigan – At mouth of River.
St. Leon, Fort, Louisiana – Fifteen miles below New Orleans.
St. Louis, Fort, Illinois – At Rockford.
St. Louis, Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Louis General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Louis, Fort, Mississippi – Bay of Biloxi.
St. Louis Powder Depot, Missouri – At Jefferson Barracks.
St. Louis Barracks, Missouri – At St. Louis.
St. Louis Clothing Depot, Missouri – At St. Louis.
St. Louis Fort, Texas – Near Matagorda Bay.
St. Louis de Carloretto Fort, Texas – On the Natchitoches River.
St. Louis de la Mobile, Fort, Alabama – On Mobile Bay.
St. Marks Fort, Florida – On St. Marks River.
St. Marks Fort, Ohio – In Mercer County, present site of town of same name.
St. Marys Fort, Ohio – Present site of town of that name.
St. Marts Fort at, Maryland – On Potomac River; Fort St. Inigoes.
St. Marys Fort, Michigan – On St. Marys Strait.
St. Marys General Hospital, New York – At Rochester.
St. Marys Fort, Ohio – At St. Marys, Auglaize County.
St. Mary de Apalachee, Fort, Florida – Mouth of Ocklockonnee River.
St. Michael Fort, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Michaels Redoubt, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Michael Fort, Florida – At Pensacola.
St. Nicholas Fort, Alaska – Now Fort Kenay.
St. Paul Island Reservation and Post on – Alaska.
St. Peter Fort, Mississippi – On Yazoo River.
St. Philip Fort, Alabama – On Mobile River, 20 miles above Mobile.
St. Philip Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River, 65 miles below New Orleans.
St. Philip Fort, North Carolina – At Old Brunswick, Cape Fear River.
St. Rose Fort or Battery, Florida – Opposite Fort Barrancas.
St. Simeons Fort, Alaska – Near C&^ St. Elias.
St. Simons Fort, Georgia – On St. Simons Island.
St. Stephens Fort, Alabama – On Tombigbee River, 142 miles southwest of Montgomery.
St. Tommany, Fort, Georgia – At mouth of St. Mary’s River.
St. Vincent Fort, Indiana – At Vincennes.
St. Vincent Island Battery on, Florida
St. Vrains, Fort, Colorado – South fork of Platte River; present site of town of same name.
Salem Fort near, New Jersey -Fort Mott.
Salisbury National Cemetery, North Carolina – At Salisbury.
Salonga Fort, New York – Suffolk County; now town of that name.
Sallie Olden, Camp, Tennessee – Near Triune.
Salmon Falls, Fort at, New Hampshire.
Salt Lake Camp at, Texas – Eighty-five miles northwest of Fort Brown.
Salt Meadow, Fort at, New York.
Salubrity, Camp, Louisiana – Three miles from Natchitoches.
Salvador Fort, South Carolina.
Sam Houston Fort, Texas – At San Antonio.
Sampson Camp, New York – At Kingston.
Sampson Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Sams Point Fort on, South Carolina – Mouth of Coosa River.
San Antonio Arsenal, Texas – At San Antonio.
San Antonio National Cemetery, Texas – At San Antonio.
San Antonio de Valero Fort, Texas – About 1 mile from San Antonio.
San Bernardino Camp, California – On Dead Man’s Island.
San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona.
San Carlos Battery, California – At Monterey.
San Carlos de Barrancas Fort, Florida – Fort Barrancas.
San Diego Barracks, California – At San Diego.
San Diego Fort at, California – Fort Rosecrans.
San Diego Fort, Florida – Near St. Augustine.
San Felipe Camp, California – On San Felipe Creek.
San Francisco National Cemetery, California – At the Presidio.
San Jacinto Fort, Texas – Near Galveston.
San Joaquin Fort, California – Entrance to Bay of San Francisco; present site of Fort Winfield Scott.
San Jose Point Fort, California – On Bay of San Francisco; present site of Fort Mason.
San Juan de Pinos Fort, Florida – At St. Augustine.
San Juan Island Camp on, Wash. – Camps Reynolds and Pickett;
San Marco Castle Florida – At Fort Marion.
San Marco Fort, Florida – At St. Marks.
San Marcos de Apalachee Fort, Florida – Same as St. Marks.
San Mateo or San Matheo Castle, Florida – Same as Fort Caroline.
San Michael Castle Florida – At St. Augustine.
San Miguel Camp, California – In Tulare Valley.
San Pablo Bay Reservation, California
San Pedro Reservation California
Sand Bar Ferry Fort at, South Carolina – Fort Moore.
Sanders Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Sanders Fort, Tennessee – Near Knoxville.
Sanders Fort, Wyoming – Three miles from Laramie City; first called Fort John Buford.
Sanderson Fort, Florida – Near Garey’s Ferry, East Florida.
Sandford, Fort, Iowa -On Des Moines River, 65 miles “west of Fort Madison
Sandhocken Fort, Del.- (See Fort Casimir.)
Sand Island Reservation, Oregon – At entrance of Columbia River.
Sandusky Fort at, Ohio – Fort Stephenson.
Sandy Creek Old Fort on, New York – Near Lake Ontario.
Sandy Hook Fort at, New Jersey – Fort Hancock.
Sanger Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Santa Barbara Camp at, California – At Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara Presidio of, California – At Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara Fort, Texas
Santa Fe Fort at, New Mexico – Fort Marcy.
Santa Fe National Cemetery, New Mexico – At Santa Fe.
Santa Fe Bridge Castle, Florida – At St. Augustine.
Santa Isabel Camp, California – Sixty miles east of San Diego.
Santa Maria de Loreto de la Bahia del Espiritu Santo, Fort, Texas – Same as Fort St. Louis.
Santa Rosa Island, Fort on, Florida – Fort Pickens.
Sarasto Fort, New York – On Hudson River; also called Fort George.
Saratoga Fort, D. C- Near Washington.
Saratoga Fort, New York – At Saratoga
Sarpy Fort, Montana – On Yellowstone River, in Gallatin County.
Sassafras Point Battery at, Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Satartia Fort at, Mississippi – On Yazoo River.
Satterlee General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Sault Ste. Marie Fort at, Michigan – Fort Brady.
Saunders Alvin Camp, Nebraska – At Lincoln.
Savannah Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Savannah Fort, West Virginia – Also called Camp Union.
Sawyer Battery, Virginia – At Crow Nest.
Saybrook Fort, Conn.- On Tomb Hill, mouth of Connecticut River.
Scammel Fort, Maine – On House Island, Portland Harbor.
Scarborough Fort, Maine – At Black Point.
Schafer Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro.
Schenectady Fort, New York – Near Schenectady.
Schlosser Fort, New York – On Niagara River, i mile west of mouth of Gill Creek.
Schofield Camp, Virginia – Near Lynchburg.
Schouler Camp, Massachusetts – At Lynnfield.
Schuyler Fort New York – At Throgs Neck, New York Harbor.
Schuyler (old) Fort, New York – At Rome.
Schwartz Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Milton.
Scott Fort, Florida – Latitude 80° 45′, longitude 85°.
Scott Fort, Georgia – Near mouth of Flint River.
Scott Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Scott Fort, Kansas – Bourbon County; now town of that name.
Scott Camp, Massachusetts – At Worcester.
Scott Fort, New York – At Plattsburg.
Scott Fort, Ohio – Near mouth of Scioto River.
Scott Camp, Pennsylvania – Near York.
Scott Camp, Utah – On Blacks Fork of Green River.
Scott Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Scott Camp, Virginia – At Carnifex Ferry.
Scott, Camp, Virginia – Near Cross Lane.
Scott Fort, Virginia – At Four Mile Creek.
Scott Fort National Cemetery, Kansas – In Bourbon County.
Scotts Lake Fort on, S. C- Fort Watson.
Scott Martin Fort, Texas – At Fredericksburg.
Scott or Martin Scott Battery, D.C – Near Chain Bridge.
Scott M. J. Camp, Texas – Near the Rio Grande, 28 miles northwest of Eagle Pass.
Scott Winfield Fort, California – At the Presidio, San Francisco.
Scott Winfield Camp, D. C – Franklin Square.
Scott Winfield Camp, New Mexico – On Gallinas River.
Scott Winfield Camp, Nevada – In Paradise Valley.
Scott Winfield Fort, Virginia – Near Yorktown.
Screven Fort, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Sea Brook Battery at, South Carolina.
Searle Fort Florida -Near Picolata.
Secession Camp Kentucky – At Ellicotts Mills, near Cairo.
Secessionville Battery near, South Carolina – On Jones Island.
Seclusion Camp, Nebraska – Near mouth of Little Missouri.
Sedgwick Fort, Colo.- South fork of Platte River; first named Camp Rankin.
Sedgwick Barracks, D. C- In Washington.
Sedgwick General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Sedgwick General Hospital, Louisianna – At Greenville.
Sedgwick Battery, Rhode Island at Fort Greble.
Sedgwick, Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg; also called Fort Hell.
Selden, Fort, Louisianna.
Selden, Fort, New Mexico – Nine miles from Dona Ana.
Seminary General Hospital, D. C- At Georgetown.
Seminary General Hospital, Kentucky – At Covington.
Seminary General Hospital, Ohio – At Columbus.
Seminary Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Seminole Battery, Florida – At Key West.
Semmes Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Seneca, Old Fort, Ohio – Seneca County, on Sandusky River; now town of that name, 9 miles north of Tiffin.
Sequoia National Park Reservation and Camp in, California.
Seraf Fort, Alabama – At Mobile Point.
Seven number Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Seven-Mile Reach Battery, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Seven Pines National Cemetery, Virginia – In Henrico County.
Severn, Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis; now Naval Academy.
Sewall Fort, Massachusetts – At Marblehead.
Sewalls Point, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Boushs Bluff.
Seward Fort, California – On Eel River, 65 miles southeast of Humboldt.
Seward Fort, North Dakota – Near head waters of James River; first named Fort Cross.
Seward Fort, South Carolina – On Bay Point.
Seybert Fort, West Virginia – Pendleton County, on the Moorefield River; now town of that name.
Seymour, Battery, South Carolina – Charleston Harbor.
Shackelford Fort, Florida – In Big Cypress Swamp.
Shallowbag Bay Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Shamokin Fort at, Pennsylvania
Shanesville Fort at, Ohio.
Shanks Camp, Indiana – At Indianapolis.
Shannon, Fort, Florida – At Palatka.
Shattucks Fort, New Hampshire – At Hinsdale.
Shaw Fort, Montana – On Sun River, 88 miles north of Helena; first named Camp Reynolds.
Shaw Fort, North Carolina – At Wilmington.
Shaw Fort, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Shaw Island Reservation, Washington – In the Haro Archipelago.
Shawnee Fort, West Virginia – Mouth of Kanawha River.
Shaws Neck Fort at, Connecticut – At New London.
Shaws Point, Battery at. Maine.
Sheepscot Bay Fort at Maine – Fort Wiscasset.
Sheffield Fort at, Massachusetts.
Shelby Fort, Illinois – On present site of Rock Island Arsenal.
Shelby Fort, Michigan – At Detroit.
Shelby Fort, Wisconsin – At Prairie du Chien.
Shellbluff Fortifications on, Georgia – Savannah River, 45 miles from Augusta.
Shepherd’s Fort, West Virginia – At Wheeling.
Sherbrooke Battery, Maine – At Castine.
Sheridan Fort, Illinois – Near High wood.
Sheridan Camp, Nebraska – West fork of Beaver Creek, 12 miles above its mouth.
Sheridan Camp, Virginia – Near Winchester.
Sheridan Camp, Wyoming – Name changed to Fort Yellowstone.
Sheridan Point Fort at, Virginia – Fort Hunt.
Sherman Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Sherman Fort, Idaho – At Coeur d’Alene; first called Fort Coeur d’Alene.
Sherman, Camp, Indiana – At Jeffersonville.
Sherman Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Sherman Barracks, Nebraska – Same as Omaha Barracks.
Sherman Fort, South Carolina – At Hiltonhead.
Sherman General Hospital, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Sherman Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Sherman Fort, Texas – On the Big Cypress, in Titus County.
Sherrard Fort, Florida
Sherrills Fort, Georgia – On Little River, near Ogeechee.
Shiloh National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Pittsburg Landing.
Ship Island Fort on, Mississippi – Twelve miles from Biloxi; also called Fort Massachusetts.
Shipp Camp, Alabama – At Anniston.
Shipp Battery, North Carolina – At Fort Caswell.
Shippensburg Fort – at, Pennsylvania
Shipping Point Battery at, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Shirley Fort, Maine – At Dresden.
Shirley Fort, Massachusetts – At Heath.
Shirley Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County; present site of Shirleysburg.
Shullsburg Fort, Wisconsin – In Lafayette County.
Shunk Camp, Utah- Twenty-five miles southwest of Camp Floyd.
Shurtees Creek Fort at, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River, a little below Pittsburg.
Sickel General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Sidney, Fort, Nebraska- Near Sidney.
Sidney Fort, Virginia – At Richmond.
Sidney Johnson Fort, Alabama – At Mobile.
Sigel Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Siguenza Fort, Florida – On Santa Rosa Island.
Siletz Blockhouse at, Oregon.
Sill Battery, D. C- On Bock Creek.
Sill Fort, Oklahoma – At junction of Medicine Bluff and Cache creeks; first called Camp Wichita.
Sill Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro.
Simcoe Fort, Washington- Klamath County, in Simcoe Valley, on Yakima Indian Reservation; now town of that name.
Simmons Fort, Maryland – Near Tennallytown, D. C.
Simmons Fort, Florida – On Caloosahatchie River.
Simon Fort, Georgia -{See St. Simon.)
Simons General Hospital, Illinois – At Mound City.
Simon Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
Simon Drum Fort, Florida – In Monroe County.
Simpson Josiah, General Hospital, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Simpson’s Battery, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Sinipee Fort, Wisconsin – On Mississippi River, in southeast part of State.
Sinquefield Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Sinyakwateen Depot, Washington – At Chunikane Bridge.
Sisseton Fort, North Dakota – On Kettle Lake; first called Fort Wads worth.
Sisters The, Reservation, California – In San Francisco Bay.
Sisters of Charity General Hospital, New York – At Buffalo.
Sites Camp, Maryland – Near Doncaster, Charles County.
Siverto Fort, West Virginia – On the upper Potomac River.
Six Number Battery, Kentucky – At Island No. 10.
Skagway Alaska – Near Dyea.
Skedaddle Fort, Virginia – On Munsons Hill.
Skenesborough, Fort, New York – At Lake Champlain; present site of Whitehall.
Skidaway Battery, North Carolina – On Wilmington River.
Skidaway Narrows, Fort at, Georgia
Skinners Head, Battery at. Connecticut.
Skocham Bay Fortifications in, Washington.
Skull Valley Camp in, Arizona – Near Prescott.
Slemmer Fort, D. C. – One-half mile east of Soldiers Home.
Slifer Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chambersburg.
Sloan General Hospital, Vermont – At Montpelier.
Slocum Fort, D. C. – Three miles north of Washington City.
Slocum Fort, New York – On Davids Island, near New Rochelle.
Slongo Fort, New York – Near present site of Smith town.
Slough Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Slough General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Slucher Fort, New York – One mile above Niagara Falls.
Smallwood Fort, Maryland – At Rockpoint, 10 miles below Baltimore.
Smead Battery, D. C- Two miles northwest of Tennallytown.
Smith Fort, Arkansas – On Arkansas River; now town of that name.
Smith Fort National Cemetery, Arkansas – On Arkansas River.
Smith J. R. Fort, Florida
Smith Camp, Illinois – Near Cairo.
Smith J. L. Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Smith Battery, Mississippi – Near Vicksburg.
Smith C. F. Fort, Montana – On Big Horn River, 8 miles above the mouth of Rotten Grass Creek.
Smith’s Cantonment, New York – West of Fort Tompkins.
Smith Fort, North Carolina – Near Fort Fisher.
Smith C. F. Camp, Oregon – On White Horse Creek, near the Pueblo Mines.
Smith General Hospital, Vermont – At Brattleboro.
Smith C. F. Fort, Virginia – Near Aqueduct Bridge, Washington, D. C.
Smith Camp, Wisconsin- At Greenbay.
Smithers Camp, Deleware – Near Wilmington.
Smith Huntington Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Smithland Fortifications at, Kentucky – Mouth of Cumberland River.
Smiths Island Battery on, N. C- Mouth of Cape Fear River.
Shelling Fort, Florida
Snelllng Fort, Minnesota – Near St. Paul; first named Fort St. Anthony.
Snyder Fort, D. C- Near the Insane Asylum.
Snyder Camp, Pennsylvania – At Gettysburg.
Soldiers’ Home National Cemetery, D. C- At Soldiers’ Home.
Sollers Point Fort at, Maryland – Fort Carroll.
Sonoma Camp, California – At Sonoma.
South Battery, New York – On Governors Island.
South Cuff Battery at, New York – On Staten Island.
South Dakota State Soldiers’ Home, Hot Springs, South Dakota.
Southeast Battery New York – On Governors Island.
South Edisto Inlet Fort at. S. C.
Southern Branch National Soldiers’ Home, Virginia – Elizabeth City County.
South Mortar Battery, New York – On Staten Island.
South Point Battery, Massachusetts- In Boston Harbor.
South Quay Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Southworth Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Spanish Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Spanish Fort, Louisianna – Same as Fort St. John.
Spencer Redoubt, New York – New York City.
Spesutia Island Fort on, Maryland – At mouth of Susquehanna River.
Spiola Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern
Spofford Battery, Virginia – On James River
Spokane Fort, Washington – On Spokane River
Spotted Tail Agency, South Dakota – On White River, 8 miles west of the mouth of Beaver Creek
Spottsylvania Fort at Virginia
Sprague Camp, D.C. – At Washington
Sprague Camp, New York – On Staten Island
Spring Fort, Kentucky – Fayette County; now town of that name
Spring Fort, West Virginia – Greenbrier County; now town of that name
Springdale Camp, Virginia – At Fort Albany
Springfield Armory, Massachusetts – At Springfield
Springfield Forts Near, Missouri – Forts Nos. 1 to 5
Springfield National Cemetery, Missouri – At Springfield
Springfield Camp at New Jersey
Spring Hill Redoubt, Georgia – At Savannah
Spring Point Fort at Maine – Fort Preble
Springville Fort, Near Kentucky
Spunky Fort, Texas – Hood County; now town by that name
Squirrel Fort, Texas – Hood County; now town by that name
Stambaugh Camp, Wyoming – In Smiths Gulch, near Atlantic City
Stampers Hill Fort at Rhode Island – Near Providence
Standing Rock Agency, North Dakota – Now Fort Yates
Standing Stone Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County
Standish Fort, Massachusetts – On Lovells Island, 8 miles from Boston
Standish Fort, Massachusetts, -Near Plymouth
Stanford Fort, Arizona – First called Fort Arivaypa and changed to Fort Breckenridge
Stanislaus Camp, California – On Stanislaus River
Stanley Fort, Florida
Stanley General Hospital, North Carolina – At Newbern
Stanley Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Stanley Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Stanley Camp, Texas – On Guadalupe River.
Stansbury Fort, Florida – Wakulla River, 9 miles above St. Marks.
Stanton Fort, D. C. -Near Uniontown.
Stanton General Hospital, D. C- At Washington.
Stanton Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Stanton Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Stanton Battery, Maryland – At Maryland Heights.
Stanton Fort, New Mexico – Lincoln County, on the Rio Bonita.
Stanton Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Girard College, Philadelphia.
Stanton Camp, Virginia -On Mason’s Island, near Georgetown.
Stanwix Fort, New York – At Rome.
Star Fort, Georgia – At Augusta in 1781.
Star Fort, Maryland — Same as Fort McHenry.
Stark Fort, New Hampshire – At Jerrys Point, Portsmouth Harbor.
Starke Fort, Florida – Mouth of Manatee River.
State Corner Fort, Tennessee -At Cumberland Gap.
State Island Reservation, Pennsylvania
Staunton National Cemetery, Virginia – At Staunton.
Steadman Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Steadman Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Stearman Fort, Tennessee – A defense of Knoxville.
Steele Camp, California – On Meade River.
Steele Camp, Oregon – Mouth of Rattlesnake Creek.
Steele Camp, Washington – On San Juan Island.
Steele Fred. Fort, Wyoming – On North Platte River.
Steilacoom, Fort, Washington – Pierce County, eastern shore of Puget Sound; now town of that name.
Stenix Fort, New York – Same as Stanwix.
Stephens Fort, Alabama -On Alabama River, above Mobile.
Stephens Fort, Louisianna – At South Pass, Manchac.
Stephens Fort, Mississippi – Lauderdale County.
Stephens Camp, Missouri – Now site of Jefferson Barracks.
Stephens, Fort, North Carolina – At Newbern.
Stephens Fort, Virginia – At Drurys Bluff.
Stephenson Fort, North Carolina – At Newbern.
Stephenson Fort, Ohio – On Sandusky Lake; present site of Lower Sandusky
Sternberg General Hospital, Georgia – At Chickamauga
Steuben Fort, Ohio – Present site of Jeffersonville.
Steuben Fort, Ohio – Site of Steuben ville.
Stevens Fort, D. C. – Three miles north of Washington.
Stevens Camp, Florida – At Pensacola.
Stevens, Camp, La.- At Thibodeaux.
Stevens, Fort, New Mexico.
Stevens Fort, New York – At Hallets Point, New York Harbor.
Stevens Fort, Oregon – Mouth of Columbia River, south side.
Stevens Fort, South Carolina – A defense of Beaufort.
Stevens Battery, South Carolina – On Morris Island, Charleston Harbor.
Stevens Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Stevenson Fort, Ala. – At Stevenson.
Stevenson Camp, Idaho. – At Boise City.
Stevenson Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River, 70 miles above Bismarck.
Stevenson Redoubt, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
Stewart Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, at mouth of Big Muddy Creek
Stikeen Fort, Alaska – On Stikeen River.
Stirling Fort, New York – At Brooklyn Heights.
Stockbridge Fort at, Massachusetts.
Stockton Fort, Texas – Pecos County, at Comanche Springs.
Stodderd Fort, Alabama – On Alabama River, near the junction of the Tombigbee.
Stone General Hospital, D. C- At Washington.
Stoneman Camp, D. C. – At Giesboro Point.
Stoneman Camp, D. C. – On Meridian Hill.
Stone River National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Stonewall Fort, Alabama – At Choctaw Bluff.
Stonington Fortifications and Arsenal at, Connecticut.
Stono Inlet Fortifications at, South Carolina
Stono River Fort on, South Carolina.
Stony Creek Station Fort at, Virginia
Stony Point Fort, New York – Hudson River.
Stony Point Fort on, New York – In the St. Lawrence.
Stout’s Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.
Strader General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Stradler’s Fort, West Virginia
Strasburg, Fort at, Virginia
Strawberry Plains, Battery at, Virginia
Strong Fort, Massachusetts- On Noddle Island, East Boston.
Strong Fort, Massachusetts – At Long Island Head, 6 miles from Boston.
Strong Camp, New York – At Troy.
Strong Fort, North Carolina – Near Wilmington.
Strong Fort, North Carolina – On Morris Island.
Strong Fort, Virginia – A mile west of Aqueduct Bridge, D. C.
Strother Fort, Alabama – On Coosa River, near the Ten Islands.
Struthers Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Studdiford Battery, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Sturgeon Bay Reservation at, Wisconsin.
Styles Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.
Suffolk Camp, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Sugar Hill or Sugar Loaf Hill Battery, New York – Between Lakes George Champlain.
Sugar House Fort, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Sugar Loaf Battery North Carolina – Near Wilmington.
Sullivan Camp, D. C- At Washington.
Sullivan Fort, Florida – Near Hillsboro River, East Florida.
Sullivan Camp, Indiana – Near Indianapolis.
Sullivan Fort, Maine – On Moore Island, Passamaquoddy Bay.
Sullivan, Fort, New Hampshire – On Trepethen Island.
Sullivan Fort, New York – At Elmira.
Sullivan Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Sullivan Fort, Pennsylvania – At Tioga
Sullivan Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Sullivans Island Batteries at, South Carolina – Charleston Harbor.
Sully Fort, Dakota – On Missouri River, 5 miles above mouth of Cheyenne R and the new Fort Sully, 20 miles below mouth of Cheyenne River.
Sulpher Creek Coal Reservation, Wyoming
Summit General Hospital Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia
Sumner Fort, Maryland – At Portland.
Sumner Fort, New Hampshire – At Portsmouth.
Sumner Fort, New Mexico – Guadalupe County, at the Bosque Redondo on Pecos River
Sumter Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Sumter Fortifications, Wisconsin – In Sauk County.
Sunbury Fort at, Georgia
Sun River Post on, Montana – Fort Shaw.
Supply Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Camp J. A. Rucker.
Supply Fort, Oklahoma – Between Beaver and Wolf creeks.
Supply Fort, Utah – At Blacks Fork, near Fort Bridger.
Susquehanna Fort, Maryland – On Palmer Island, Susquehanna River.
Sutter’s Fort, California – Near Sacramento; also called Fort Sacramento.
Sutton Camp, West Virginia – In Braxton County.
Suwanee River, Fort on, Florida – Fort Macomb.
Swain Camp, Tennessee – At Humboldt.
Swamp Angel Battery, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Swan Fort, New York.
Swatara River Blockhouse on, Pennsylvania – In Lebanon County.
Sweet Camp, North Carolina – At Raleigh.
Sweet Camp, North Carolina – At Salisbury.
Swift Fort, New York – At Brooklyn..
Swift Camp, New York – At West Point.
Swift Battery, North Carolina At Fort Caswell.
Swift General Hospital, Wisconsin – At Prairie du Chien.
Sword’s House Camp at, New York – Near Saratoga
Sybert’s Fort, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Sykes Camp, North Dakota – At head waters of James River.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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