Frontier Forts – D Forts

Dabney Fort, Florida – At Suwanee Old Town.
Dade (new) Fort, Florida – On Egmont Key.
Dade (old) Fort, Florida – Withlacoochee River, 13 miles from Dade’s Battle Ground.
Dahlgren Camp, Oregon – On Crooked River.
Dahlgren Battery, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Dakota Fort, South Dakota – At Sioux Falls, on Big Sioux River.
Dale Fort, Alabama – In Butler County.
Dale General Hospital, Massachusetts – At Worcester.
Dalghton Fort, New York – Possibly intended for Fort Dayton.
Dallas Fort, Florida – Near mouth of Miami River.
Dalles Fort, Oregon – At The Dalles, on Columbia River; first called Camp Drum,
Damariscotta Fortifications at. Maine.
Danbury Cantonment, Connecticut – At Danbury.
Daniel Fort, Rhode Island.
Daniels Camp, Florida – Near Fort Myers.
Dan Russell Camp, North Carolina – At Raleigh.
Danube Fort, New York – A stockade fort.
Danville Branch National Home, Illinois- At Danville.
Danville National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Danville.
Danville National Cemetery, Virginia – In Henrico County.
Darby Fort, Louisianna.
Darien Fort at, Georgia
Darling Fort, Virginia – On Drury’s Bluff, James River.
Darrell Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
D. A. Russell Fort, Wyoming – Near Cheyenne.
Date Creek Camp at, Arizona – Sixty miles southwest of Prescott; established as Camp McPherson.
Dauphin Island Fort on, Alabama – Fort Gaines.
Da Vant Camp, Texas – Near Baudere Pass.
Davenport Fort, Florida – On Reedy Creek, near Big Cypress Swamp.
Davids Island Depot, etc., New York – Now Fort Slocum.
Davidson Camp, Kansas – Near mouth of Little River; name changed to Camp Beecher.
Davidson Fort, Missouri – At Pilotknob.
Davis Fort, Alabama – Macon County; now town of that name.
Davis Fort, Alaska – At Nome City.
Davis Fort, D. C- East of the Eastern Branch.
Davis Fort, Indian Territory.
Davis Redoubt, Maryland – Three miles above Georgetown, D. C.
Davis Cantonment, Illinois – On Rock River.
Davis Camp, Nebraska – At Platte Bridge, 120 miles above Fort Laramie.
Davis’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Center County.
Davis Fort, Tennessee – At London.
Davis, Fort, Texas – On Limpia River, Jeff Davis County; now town of that name.
Davis Camp, Virginia – At Romney, near Petersburg.
Davis Fort, Virginia – Before Petersburg.
Davis Jefferson Camp, Mississippi – At East Pascagoula.
Davison Fort, Virginia – Before Petersburg.
Day Camp, Massachusetts – At Cambridge.
Days Point Battery at, Virginia – On James River.
Dayton Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, at Herkimer.
Dead Mans Bay Fort at, Florida – Fort Frank Brooke.
Dead Mans Island Reservation, California – In Wilmington Harbor.
Dean’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Canoe Valley, Juniata County.
Dearborn Battery, Alabama – At Fort Morgan.
Dearborn Fort, Georgia – Thirteen miles southeast from Fort Floyd.
Fort Dearborn, Illinois – At Chicago.
DeCamp General Hospital, New York – On Davids Island.
Decatur Fort, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River.
Decatur Battery, Md.- At Fort Washington.
Deception Pass North Reservation, Washington – At Two Islands.
Deception Pass South Reservation, Washington – At Two Islands.
Decherd Camp, Tennessee – Near Decherd.
Decker Fort, Pennsylvania – Mouth of Cross Creek, Washington County.
Deep Creek Fort on, Virginia – Near Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal.
Deerfield Fortifications at, Massachusetts
Deer Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor.
Defiance Fort, Washington – On Vancouver Island.
Defiance Camp, Alabama – Forty-eight miles west of Chattahoochee.
Defiance Fort, Arizona – At Canyon Bonita, Apache County.
Defiance Fort, California – Four miles below Fort Yuma.
Defiance Fort, Florida
Defiance Camp, Illinois – At junction of Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
Defiance Fort, Massachusetts – At Gloucester:
Defiance Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Defiance Fort, New York – At Red Hook.
Defiance Fort, New York – Opposite Ticonderoga
Defiance Fort, Ohio – In Defiance County.
Defiance Fort, Oregon.
Defiance Fort, Texas – At Goliad.
Defiance Camp, Virginia – Near New River, probably in Giles County.
Defiance Fort, Virginia – Augusta County; now town of that name.
Defiance, Fort, Wisconsin – Near Mineralpoint.
Defiance Point Reservation, Washington – At Narrows of Puget Sound.
De Hart Fort, Tennessee – At Loudon.
De Kalb Fort, Virginia – About 1 mile west of Aqueduct Bridge.
Delafield Fort, South Carolina – South end of Folly Island.
Delancy Fort, New York – On Bergen Neck.
Delaware Fort, Delaware – On Pea Patch Island, near Newcastle.
Delaware Blockhouse at, Ohio.
De Leon Battery, Florida – At Keywest.
Delphi Fortifications at, New York.
Del Rio Camp, Texas – Near village of Delrio, Kinney County.
De Monteil Battery, North Carolina – On Shallow Bag Bay.
Denaud Fort, Florida – On Caloosahatchee River, 20 miles above Fort Myers.
Denham Fort, Rhode Island – On Narragansett Bay.
Dennison Camp, Ohio – Near Miamisville, Hamilton County.
Dennison General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Denonville Fort, New York – Near Niagara Falls.
Deposit Fort, Alabama – On Tennessee River, at mouth of Honeycomb Creek, Lowndes County; now town of that name.
Deposit Fort, Ohio – Near present Waterville.
De Russy, Fort, D. C- Two miles northeast of Tennallytown.
De Russy, Fort, Louisianna. – At Alexandria.
Des Ecores, Fort, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Desmares General Hospital, D. C. – At Washington.
Des Moines, Fort. Illinois – At Buffalo Rock.
Des Moines (1) Fort, Iowa. – Mouth of Des Moines River.
Des Moines (2) Fort, Iowa. – On site of Des Moines City.
De Soto Fort, Florida – On Mullet Key, 25 miles from Tampa
Detroit Arsenal, Michigan – At Detroit.
Detroit Fort, Michigan – At Detroit.
Detroit Barracks, Michigan – At Detroit.
Dewey Camp, Massachusetts – At South Framingham.
Dewey George, Camp, South Dakota – At Sioux Falls.
De Wolf Fort, Kentucky – At New Shepherdsville.
Diamond Fort, New York – Now Fort Lafayette.
Dickerson Fort, Tennessee – Defense of Knoxville.
Dickinson Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wilkesbarre.
Dickinson Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wyoming.
Dick Robinson Camp, Kentucky – In Garrard County.
Diego Fort, Florida – Twenty-five miles from San Diego.
Digges’ Point, Fortifications at, Virginia
Dillies Fort, Ohio. – In Belmont County.
Dillie’s Blockhouse, West Virginia – Opposite Grave Creek.
Dinwiddie, Fort, West Virginia – On Jackson River.
Dionysius, Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Stikeen River.
Discharge Camp, California – On Angel Island.
Discharge Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Discovery Port, Reservation, Washington – Two military reservations at.
Distribution Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Dix Fort, Maryland
Dix Fort, Virginia – Near Fort Powhatan, Suffolk.
Dixie Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Dixon Fort, Illinois.
Doane Fort, Florida – Near Big Cypress Swamp.
Dobbs Fort, North Carolina – Twenty miles north of Salisbury.
Dobbs Ferry, Fort at, New York – On the Hudson River.
Doboy Inlet, Works at, Georgia – Ten miles east of Darien.
Dodge Camp, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Dodge Fort, Iowa. – On Des Moines River, Webster County; now town of that name; first called Fort Clarke.
Dodge Fort, Kansas – Ford County; now town of that name.
Dog Island Reservation on, Florida – At entrance of St. Georges Sound.
Dog Island Reservation, Mississippi – In Gulf of Mexico.
Dogwood Camp, Virginia – In Dogwood Gap.
Donaldsonville, Fort, Louisianna – At Donaldsonville.
Donelson Fort, Tennessee – Near Dover, on Cumberland River.
Donelson Fort, National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Dover.
Don’t Fort, Louisianna – Near source of the Sabine.
Dorchester Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Dorchester Fort, South Carolina.
Dorchester Heights, Fort on Massachusetts – Fort Dorchester.
Double Bluff Reservation, Washington – Opposite Fairweather Point.
Doubleday Battery, New York – At Fort Hamilton.
Douglas Fort, Arkansas – In Johnson County; now town of that name.
Douglas General Hospital, D. C – At Washington.
Douglas Camp, Illinois – At Chicago.
Douglas Fort, Massachusetts
Douglass Battery, Pennsylvania – Near Lake Erie.
Douglas Fort, Utah – Three miles east of Salt Lake City.
Douglas Camp, Wisconsin – In Juneau County.
Do-ve-gat Camp New York – At Coveville.
Dover U. S. Powder Depot at, New Jersey.
Downers Station, Kansas – Fifty miles east of Monument.
Downey Camp, California – In Contra Costa County.
Downing Fort, Florida – On the Suwanee River, 10 miles from Micanopy.
Down’s Fort, South Carolina – Seven miles below Camden
Drake Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro
Drake Fort, Virginia – Near Richmond
Drane Fort, Florida – In Marion County
Drawbridge Fort, Virginia – Near Suffolk
Drayton Fort, South Carolina – On Otter Island
Dreadnought Fort, South Carolina – At Silver Bluff, Savannah River
Drum Camp, California – Near San Pedro
Drum Barracks, California – Near Wilmington
Drum Camp, Oregon – Named changed to Fort Dalles
Drum Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, opposite Guerrero
Drum Simon Fort, Florida – Near Big Cypress Swamp in Bevard County; now town of Fort Drum
Drunken Dick Shoals Reservation at South Carolina
Drurys or Dreweys Bluff Fortifications, Virginia – On James River; a defense of Richmond
Dry Tortugas Fort at Florida – Fort Jefferson
Duane Battery, New York – at Fort Wadsworth
Duane Fort, South Carolina – A defense of Beaufort
DuBoise Fort, New York – At Catskill
Du Chesne Fort, Utah – On the Uintah River, Uintah County
Duck Creek Stockade at Ohio – Near Marietta
Dulany Fort Florida – At Puntarassa
Dummer Fort, New Hampshire – At Hillsdale
Dummer Fort, Vermont – On Connecticut River ar Brattleboro
Dumont Camp, Indiana – Near Indianapolis
Dumont Camp, Kentucky – Near Shelbyville
Dumpling Point Fortifications as Rhode Island – Entrance to Narragansett Bay
Duncan Camp D. C. – Eastern section of Washington
Duncan Fort, Texas – At Eagle Pass on the Rio Grande
Dun Glen Camp, Nevada – In Humboldt County
Dunmore Fort, Pennsylvania – On site of Fort Pitt
Dunning Creek Fort at Pennsylvania – In Juniata Valley
Du Pont Fort, Deleware – At Delaware City
Du Pont Fort, D.C. – Two miles southeast of Washington
Dupont Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Gettysburg
Dupont Camp, West Virginia – At Carricks Ford, Tucker County
Dupres Tower Fort, Louisianna – On Bayou Dupree, Lake Borgne
DuQuesne Fort, Florida
DuQuesne Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg
Durkee Fort, Pennsylvania – On Susquehanna River, near Wilkesbarre
Dushane Fort, Virginia – A defense of Petersburg
Dutchess Camp, New York – At Poughkeepsie
Dutch Island Fort on Rhode Island – West entrance to Narragansett Bay; Fort Greble
Dutch Point Cantonment, Connecticut – Near site of Hartford.
Dyer Camp, Georgia – At Augusta.
Dyer Camp, Rhode Island – Near East Greenwich.

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