Frontier Forts – K Forts

Kahokia, Fort, Illinois.
Kalorama General Hospital, D. C – At Washington.
Kanawha Camp, West Virginia – At Point Pleasant.
Kansas State Soldiers’ Home – At Fort Dodge, Kansas.
Karnasoh Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Kasimir Fort, Delaware – On Delaware River, at Newcastle; also called Fort Trinity.
Kas Kanong Fort, Wisconsin – On lake of same name
Kaskaskia Fort, Illinois – At Kaskaskia.
Kasonda Fort, New York – Same as Fort Ononda, Georgia
Keais Fort, Florida – Near Big Cypress Swamp.
Kearny Phil, Fort, Wyoming – Big Horn Mountains, between the Big and Little Piney forks of Powder River.
Kearny Phil Fort, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Kearny Camp, Louisiana – At Carrollton.
Kearny Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria Seminary.
Kearny Fort, D. C- Near Tennallytown
Kearny (old) Fort, Nebraska- On Missouri River, 50 miles south of Omaha.
Kearny Camp, Iowa – Near Davenport.
Kearny (new) Fort, Nebraska – On Grand Island, Platte River.
Kearny Battery, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Keene Fort at New Hampshire.
Keene Fort, New York
Keene Fort, Virginia
Keer’s Fort, Georgia.
Keifer Camp, New York – At Troy.
Keller’s Fort, West Virginia
Kelley Fort, Virginia – On New Creek.
Kellog’s Grove Fort near Illinois – During Black Hawk war.
Kelly Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Concho.
Kemble Battery, D. C- Near Chain Bridge.
Kenay Fort, Alaska – On site of old Fort St. Nicholas, on Cook’s Inlet.
Kendrick Battery, Maine – On Cushing Island, at Fort Levett.
Kenesaw Mount Fortifications at Georgia
Kenly Camp, Maryland – Near Williamsport.
Kennebec Arsenal, Maine – At Augusta.
Kennebec River (mouth of) Fortifications at Maine
Kennebunk Point Fortifications at Maine
Kennedy’s Fort, Missouri – At Wright City.
Kennicott Fort, Alaska – Near Fort Nulato.
Kent Fort, Maine – At junction of Fish and St. Johns rivers, Aroostook County; now town of that name
Kent Fort, Maryland – On Kent Island.
Kent Camp, Utah – At Fort Douglas.
Kenton Camp, Kentucky – Near Maysville.
Kenton’s Station, Kentucky – Near Washington.
Kentucky Fort, New York – Near Sacket Harbor.
Keogh Fort, Montana – Near mouth of Tongue River, Custer County.
Keokuk National Cemetery, Iowa – At Keokuk.
Kettle Point Battery at Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Keyes Fort, Florida
Keyes Fort, Virginia – At Gloucester Point.
Keyes Camp, Maine, Near Augusta
Keyes Camp, Virginia – Near Augusta.
Keyes Camp, Virginia – On Uptons Hill
Keyser Fort, New York – In Montgomery County
Keystone Camp, D.C. -Near Tennallytown
Key West Barracks, Florida – At Key West
Key West Fort at Florida – Fort Taylor
Kiawah Island Fortifications on South Carolina
Kienuka Fort, New York – Near Lewiston: Indian Fort
Kincade’s Fort Missouri – In Howard County
Kincheloe;s Fort, Kentucky – On Simpsons Creek
Kinckston;s Stockade, Kentucky
Kinderhook Forts at New York
King Fort, Florida – On Ocklawha River
King Camp, Kentucky – Near Covington
King Fort, New York
King Battery, New York – At Fort Totten
King Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
King Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
King George, Fort, Georgia
Kings Bridge Fort at New York – Fort Independence.
Kingsbury Battery, D. C. – Two miles northeast of Tennallytown.
Kingsbury Fort, Florida – St Johns River, north side of Lake Monroe.
Kingston Fort, Pennsylvania – (See Fort Forty.)
Kingston. Fort, Rhode Island – Indian fort at.
Kingston Fort, Utah.
Kinney Fort, Wyoming – Same as Fort McKinney.
Kinsessing Fort, Pennsylvania – In Delaware Comity.
Kinsman Camp, Iowa – Near Davenport.
Kinzie Fort, Illinois.
Kipp Fort, Montana – On the Upper Missouri River.
Kirby Battery, South Carolina – Near Charleston, formerly Battery O’Rourke.
Kirby Battery, Maryland – Three miles above Tennallytown, D. C.
Kirby Fort, Texas – On the Charceo Grande del Aqna Dalce.
Kirkwood Camp, Iowa – At Clinton.
Kirkwood’s Blockhouse, West Virginia – On Wheeling Creek, opposite Wheeling.
Kissimmee Fort, Florida – On Kissimmee River.
Kittanning Fort at Pennsylvania – Fort Armstrong.
Kittery Point, Fort at Maine – Fort McClary.
Klamath Fort, Oregon – On Lake Klamath, Klamath County; now town of that name
Kneas Fort, Florida – Latitude 26° 15′ longitude 81° 25′.
Knight General Hospital, Connecticut – At New Haven.
Kniphausen Fort, New York – On Manhattan Island.
Knox Fort, Indiana – At Vincennes.
Knox Fort, Maine – At Bucksport
Knoxville National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Knoxville
Kodiak Fort, Alaska – On Kodiak Island
Kootenais Fort, Montana – On Flat Bow or Kootenais River.
Korsholm Fort, Pennsylvania
Koshkonong Fort, Wisconsin – On Lake Koshkonong
Kouari Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, near German Flats; afterwards know as Fort Herkimer
Kountz’s Fort, Missouri – eight miles west of St. Charles County
Koutznou Fort, Alaska, On Admiralty Island
Krayenbuhl Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Mott
Kyle Battery, Kentucky – At Covington

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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