Arkansas Census Records

Starting in 1790, the United States government took a census every 10 years. Arkansas residents have been included in the censuses since 1830, however, settlement occurred by white men in the territory prior to that census. In 1819 the Missouri Territory had approximately 14,000 white settlers, many of them resided in what became Arkansas. Many of the earlier census, including those in 1810 and 1820 for this territory have been lost, leaving scant resources for researchers.

The entire 1890 census for Arkansas was destroyed by fire. However, several sources are listed which are attempting to compile records which existed in 1890 to at least give a partial representation of the settlement of the state at that time.

Arkansas Census Information

There were no state census for Arkansas. Three times during the 1820’s, the Sherriffs were required to enumerate the citizens of Arkansas counties. Only parts of the 1823 census remain. In 1829 the Sherriffs were to enumerate all heads of households in Arkansas, however, only a few county returns remain.

Arkansas Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau


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