G- Alaska Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements

A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Gapkaliptoua. A Malemiut Eskimo village on Norton bay, Alaska. Zagoskin in Nouv. Ann. Voy., 5th s., xxi, map, 1850.

Gaudekan (bell town). The principal Huna town, now generally called Huna, in Port Frederick, on the N. shore of Chichagof id., Alaska. Pop. 800 in 1880; 447 [including whites) in 1900.

Gash. The winter town of the Sanyakoan (q.v.), a Tlingit clan near C. Fox, s. Alaska. Most of the people have now moved to Ketchikan. (J. R. S.)

Gilak. A Magemiut settlement near C. Romanzoff, Alaska; pop. 22 in 1890.

Golok. An Eskimo village in the Nushagak district, Alaska; pop. 29 in 1890.

Gonaho. A former Tlingit town at the mouth of Alsek r., Alaska.

Gunachonken. Given by Krause as one of the Tlingit social groups living at Yakutat, Alaska, but it is actually only a name for the people of Gonaho (Gō’naxo), q. v., a small town in that neighborhood.

Gutheni (Gat-hī′nî, salmon creek ). A former Tlingit town situated N. of Dry bay, Alaska, (J. R. S.)

Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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