Jones Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Blood

[80]The Jones family represents one of the longest lists of this study with sixty-one family members being listed in records (see Chart 13). Despite the probable duplication of

Key to Chart

Probable = P,  Countryman = C,  Yes = Y,  Trader = T,
Married = md,  Mixed Blood = mb

Chart 13[81a]

Jones List of Mixed Bloods

Name Location MB Remarks
Jones, (nfn) Tensaw 21/02/2020
Jones, Anna 21/02/2020
Jones, Billy Robinson Road P 9 in family 21/02/2020 9 in family
Jones, Charles W Tombigbee R. P 3 in family 21/02/2020 3 in family
Jones, Cornelius 21/02/2020
Jones, Delilah 21/02/2020
Jones, Elijah 21/02/2020
Jones, Fred 21/02/2020
Jones, Frederic 21/02/2020
Jones, Gincy 21/02/2020
Jones, Hogan 21/02/2020 1 in family
Jones, Holin 21/02/2020
Jones, Isaac Lapluours 21/02/2020
Jones, Isaac Agency 21/02/2020 9 in family
Jones, Jack 21/02/2020
Jones, Jackson 21/02/2020
Jones, James 21/02/2020 9 in family
Jones, Jennifer Robinson Road 21/02/2020 4 in family
Jones, Jesse 21/02/2020
Jones, Jimmy 21/02/2020
Jones, Jimpson 21/02/2020
Jones, John 21/02/2020
Jones, John 21/02/2020 12 in family
Jones, John 21/02/2020 1 in family
Jones, John, Sr. 21/02/2020 2 mb chil.
Jones, Jonathon Tombigbee R 21/02/2020 Rev War Vet
Jones, Joseph 21/02/2020
Jones, Len Tombigbee R 21/02/2020 8 in family
Jones, Levi 21/02/2020 15 in family
Jones, Logan 21/02/2020
Jones, Lucy Tombigbee R 21/02/2020 4 in family
Jones, Mahale 21/02/2020
Jones, Michael Bigbee 21/02/2020
Jones, Molly near Hebrin 21/02/2020 2 in family
Jones, Mrs. Jane 21/02/2020
Jones, Na She 21/02/2020
Jones, Nat Pearl River 21/02/2020 9 in family
Jones, Norris 21/02/2020
Jones, Phillis 21/02/2020
Jones, Polly Alabama 22/02/2020
Jones, Robert 21/02/2020 1 in family
Jones, Robert M. 21/02/2020 2 in family
Jones, S. 21/02/2020
Jones, Sabala 21/02/2020
Jones, Samuel Trading House 21/02/2020
Jones, Samuel 2m fm Factory 21/02/2020 deceased
Jones, Samuel 21/02/2020 (Jr?)
Jones, Samuel, Jr Noxubee 21/02/2020
Jones, Sinah 21/02/2020
Jones, Siney 21/02/2020
Jones, Solomon Pearl River 22/02/2020 6 in family
Jones, Tennesse Oknoxoby Creek 21/02/2020 3 mb chit.
Jones, Thomas 21/02/2020
Jones, Tredrick Noxubee 21/02/2020 5 in family
Jones, Widow Robinson Road 21/02/2020 2 in family
Jones, Widow 21/02/2020 6 in family
Jones, William 22/02/2020
Jones, William 22/02/2020 T500 debtor
Jones, William 22/02/2020
Jones, William 21/02/2020 10 in family
Jones, Wilson N. 21/02/2020

[82]names there are by conservative estimate more than fifty valid individuals represented. Of the twenty-five on the Armstrong roll a family total of one hundred nineteen yields a family average size of just below five. At least four mixed bloods are named: William, Soloman, Polly, and Siney, with William being identified by three sources. Three Jones countrymen: John, Jonathon, and Michael lived along the Tombigbee River. Michael, possibly the patriarch, appears on a Spanish census of 1780 as “gone to the nation,” and was probably a trader as well as a countryman.1

Jonathon, Polly, and William Jones are described as Creek Indian full bloods or mixed bloods. Because no genealogy of the mixed-blood Jones family is known, one assumes that they are for the most part members of a single line. Thomas Woodward in his Reminiscences mentions:

“A man named Sam Jones took with him into the [Creek] Nation from Fort Wilkinson a woman named Betsy Coulter; Jim Cornells swapped his niece, Polly Kean, with Jones, and took Betsy Coulter for a wife- She was the woman that Peter McQueen and Jim Boy captured and carried to Pensacola, and sold to Madame Barrone. Sam Jones married Polly Kean — and in 1816, and near about the time that Col. Fisher and Jim Collier killed Bradberry, and Col. Phillips killed Roberts, Jim Cornells killed Sam Jones. Polly then married one-eyed Billy Oliver, an old countryman [friend] of mine.2

[83]Another possible Jones mixed-blood progenitor could have been “John Jones, a soldier…[who] deserted…[the garrison at Fort Stoddert in 1799 and had] gone to the Chickasaw Indians to live.”3 There is also reason to connect the Jones family with Jones Bluff near Fort Confederation in Alabama, not far from the present-day town of Meridian, Mississippi, and yet another Jones lived on the Alabama River near Charles Weatherford and Peter Randon, both mixed bloods.4 Pickett also lists a Jones as a survivor of the massacre at Fort Mims but does not furnish a first name for him, although Halbert and Bail in their history of the Creek War list R. Jones, possibly Robert, as a militia officer in late 1813.5 It is possible to see the thread of Jones mixed bloods stretching from Creek country up the Tombigbee and over along the Oknuxaby, Pearl and Yazoo River fronts where they are counted by Armstrong in 1831. A John Jones was present on Ward’s Register and may have been related to the Creek mixed blood, Jonathon Jones, who was also credited with being a Revolutionary War veteran. It is also worth noting that wealthy Robert M. Jones was active in Choctaw affairs after removal to Indian territory.6


Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission.

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