Biographical Sketch of Pearson, E. A. Major

Fort Bend County, Sheriff

Edward, Adolphus Peareson, present Sheriff of Fort Bend County, was born in Matagorda County, Texas, on the 2nd day of September 1867. His father, P. E. Peareson, was a native of Alabama, but came to, Texas when a child at a very early day and first settled with his parents in Victoria County; married Miss Minnie Rugely in Matagardo County, and came to Fort Bend County in 1867. The Peareson family have had representatives in every war in which the United States has been engaged from the Revolution of 1776 to that with Spain in 1898. In the civil war P. E. Peareson way a lieutenant in Company D, 6th Texas, the company being commanded by his father, Captain E. A. Peareson, of Grandbury’s Brigade.

The grandfather died in Matagorda County in the fall of 1865, and the father of Major Peareson died in Fort Bend County in July 1595. Major Peareson spent the whole of his life in Fart Bend County, except when away at college. Before the war broke out with Spain he was captain of a company of State troops which was disbanded before hostilities commenced, but at the opening of the war received an unsolicited commission as Major from Governor Culberson, and, assigned to duty under Colonel Luther Hare, 1st Texas Cavalry, serving in that capacity until the close of the war. Was elected Sheriff of Fort Bend County in the fall of 1902, and now serving his first term married Miss Josie Stansbury of Fort Bend County April 1889. They had two children, D. Rugely and Helen Mare Peareson. The first named is the only one now living.



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