Autauga County Alabama Officials 1819-1870

James Jackson represented the county in the constitutional convention of 1819; George Rives, sr., in that of 1861; and Benjamin Fitzpatrick in that of 1865, over which he presided.

The following is a list of the members of the general assembly from the county

1819-Howell Rose.
1822-Dunklin Sullivan.
1825-James Jackson.
1828-William R. Pickett.
1831-William R. Pickett.
1834-Robert Broadnax.
1837-Samuel S. Simmons.
1841-Dixon Hall.
1843-William t. Yancey.


1844-Sampson W. Harris.
1847-Seth P. Storrs.
1849–Seth P. Storrs.
1853-Thomas H. Watts.
1855 -Adam C. Felder.
1857-Adam C. Felder.
1861—Samuel F. Rice.
1865–Adam C. Felder.

[No election in 1867 or since,]


1819-P. Fitzpatrick, C. A, Dennis.
1820-Phillips Fitzpatrick, J. Jackson.
1821-W. R. Pickett, Jno. A. Elmore.
1822-Phillips Fitzpatrick.
1823-William R. Pickett.
1824-William R. Pickett.
1825-Robert Broaduax, John McNeil.
1826-Robert Broadnax, Eli Terry.
1827-Robert Broadnax, Eli Terry,
1828-Robert Broadnax, Rogers.
1829-Robert Broadnax, Wm. Hester.
1830-R. Broadnax, Dixon Hall, sr.
1831-Robert Broadnax, Dixon Hall.
1832-R. Broadnax, S. S. Simmons.
1833-Dixon Hall. jr., S. S. Simmons.
1834-W. Burt, S. S. Simmons, J. B. Robinson.
1835-Dixon Hall, jr., S. S. Simmons, Bejamin Davis.
1836-John P. Dejarnette, S. S. Simmons, Benjamin Davis,
1837-John P. Dejarnette, Wm. Burt, T. W. Brevard.
1838-Dixon Hall, jr., J. W. Withers, Thomas Hogg.
1839-Dixon Hall, John Withers.
1840-Benj. Davis, Absolom Doster.
1841-John Steele, Wm. L. Morgan.
1842-John Mitchell, Wm. L. Morgan.
1843-J. Steele, Crawford M. Jackson.
1844-John Steele, C. M. Jackson.
1845-John Steele, C. M. Jackson.
1847-John Wood, C. M. Jackson.
1849-John Wood, Bolling Hall.
1851-C. C. Howard, Bolling Hall.
1853- Bolling Hall.
1855-Crawford M. Jackson .
1857-Crawford M. Jackson.
1859-A. C. Taylor.
1860-Daniel Pratt, (to fill vacancy.)
1861-Daniel Pratt.
1863-L. Howard.
1865-Charles S. G. Doster.
1867-[No election.]
1870-Charles S. G. Doster.

*Rev. Basil Manly, D. D., of Tuskaloosa.


Autauga County AL,


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