Alabama History

Albert James Pickett writes about a history he is passionate about. The early history of Alabama. Unlike other Alabama history books you may read however, his view is very unique. He lived at a time when he knew many of the original founders of the state of Alabama, and he interviewed many eye witnesses to the events he writes about.

He writes with a zeal and narrative fashion that makes the book a delightful read. His failure to provide footnotes shouldn’t be looked at as making the book less worthy, at a time when footnotes were made for documented evidence, he was writing about personal and eyewitness evidence.

  • Alabama History Preface
  • De Soto in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi
  • The Aborigines of Alabama and the Surrounding States
  • The French In Alabama And Mississippi.
  • The Colony Of Louisiana Granted To Crozat
  • The India Or Mississippi Company
  • Terrible Massacre At Natchez
  • The English In Georgia
  • Jesuit Priests Or Missionaries
  • The French Battles Upon The Tombigby
  • Bienville Leaves The Colony–His Character.
  • Horrible Death Of Beaudrot And The Swiss Soldiers
  • Bossu’s Visit To The French Forts Upon The Alabama And Tombigby Rivers
  • The Occupation Of Alabama And Mississippi By The English
  • Hardships Of The Early Emigrants
  • Journey Of Bartram Through Alabama
  • An Account Of The McGillivray Family, The Revolutionary War
  • Extreme Perils And Suffering Of The Natchez Refugees
  • The Spaniards In Alabama And Mississippi
  • Bloody Scenes In Alabama And Georgia
  • The Deep Intrigues Of McGillivray
  • The First Yazoo Sale, Bowles, The Freebooter
  • Singular Inhabitants Of Alabama
  • Death Of McGillivray, Bloody Scenes
  • The French Minister, Genet, His Designs Upon The Southwest
  • The Second Yazoo Sale
  • The Americans In Alabama And Mississippi
  • Governor Troup, Or The McIntosh Family, Incidents In The Mississippi Territory
  • The Arrest Of Aaron Burr In Alabama
  • St. Stephens, Huntsville, Indian Commerce Kemper Expeditions
  • Tecumseh, Civil War Among The Creeks
  • Battle Of Burnt Corn, Arrival Of General Claiborne’s Army
  • Terrible Massacre At Fort Mims
  • Daring Of Heaton, Bloody Scenes, Gaines And The Choctaws
  • Battles Of Tallasehatche, Talladega And Auttose
  • Remarkable Canoe Fight, Battle Of Holy Ground, March To Cahaba Old Towns.
  • Battles Of Emuckfau, Enitachopca And Calebee
  • Battle Of The Horseshoe, Weatherford Surrenders Himself At Fort Jackson
  • Treaty Of Fort Jackson, Attack Upon Mobile Point, March Upon Pensacola
  • The British Take Mobile Point, Peace Declared, The Alabama Territory
  • Modern French Colony In Alabama, Or The Vine And Olive Company.
  • Last Territorial Legislature, State Convention.
  • The First Legislature Of The State Of Alabama, Governor Bibb


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