Alabama African American Records

Alabama African American Genealogy online research is much more difficult due to the scant nature of record keeping for African American’s prior to the Civil War. This is the reason for creating a separate section for African Americans much like we have for Native Americans who’s research can also be hampered by the available records. The links below provide an accurate reflection of what is available to be searched for black genealogy.

Searching for African American families involves two distinct research approaches. These approaches correspond to the distinct change in the legal status of African Americans in the United States before and after the Civil War. Genealogical techniques used to track slave families before the war are necessarily quite different than those used for white or free African Americans; however, research conducted on African Americans after the war usually involves the same types of records as those used for whites.

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3 thoughts on “Alabama African American Records”

  1. I really appreciate all the hard work that was put in for this site. I will add this site as a tool for my researching of my King relatives. It was a great pleasure to know that Simon King my Great Great Great Grandfather was a Free Negro. I’m interested in any information on the King relatives from Perry County Alabama. Please keep up the excellent work.

  2. CLAUDIA Brown - Ratcliff

    I am looking for some family information on my Great Great Great Grandmother her name was Della (Debra) Harris, I believe she was named after the slave owner. She lived in Girard Alabama which was renamed Phoenix City Alabama. Any information will do thanks.


  3. I have been able to reach all the way to the 12th century for both of my paternal grandparents and my maternal grandmother, but when it comes to my maternal grandfather from whom our Native (Cherokee) bloodline is derived (from his maternal side), I can’t seem to make any headway.

    His mother, Nancy Hardly/Hardley, would likely have been the carrier of that Native bloodline, but I can find her on no rolls that I’ve checked.

    I’ve taken to looking into the possibility of a Black/Negro connection for my grandfather, and did indeed find a Robinson amongst either the Freedmen or adoption applications.

    The Native faction is so very difficult to trace if you don’t have interfamily cooperation 🙁

    Any suggestions?

    Peggy, “Nellie’s Grand”

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