1832 Creek Census – Hillabee Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Hillabee.

1832 Creek Census - Hillabee Town

Hillabe37Clath lo Har go2204principal chief
Hillabee1Yo ho lo wy ger3609
Hillabee2Ho tul ga Har go3205
Hillabee3Choke chart E marth lar4105
Hillabee4Car pic char Yo ho lo1203
Hillabee5Lo di ge2103
Hillabee6Saw wan ne Har jo3205
Hillabee7Sam my2103
Hillabee8Ar sar ho ler2305
Hillabee9Mar tow ar Har jo2204
Hillabee10Yak kup ho e2103
Hillabee11Al sich er1304
Hillabee12Se noche ho e0303
Hillabee13Fix sum ho ge1203
Hillabee14E marth lar Yo ho lo1203
Hillabee15O ho yau me1203
Hillabee17No cose Yo ho lo3306
Hillabee18Otch chi e gey1203
Hillabee19Yar har E marth lar1203
Hillabee20Tal war Har jo1203
Hillabee21Po ko lo Marthlar3205
Hillabee22Phil Grayson4408
Hillabee23James Grayson2204
Hillabee24Is far ne Yo ho lo1203
Hillabee26Stin gar bock e1203
Hillabee27Se hat ke1102
Hillabee28Tus tun nuck er Chopko1203
Hillabee30Far Har jo3104
Hillabee31Al lo che1203
Hillabee32Ne har Fix i co4206
Hillabee33Al lock Yo ho lo2204
Hillabee34Ho ho fa le1304
Hillabee35Sloke fus? ke Micco2406
Hillabee36E ne he marth loo che1203
Hillabee37Kur pic char E marth lar2103
Hillabee38Wat ko2204
Hillabee39Tol ofe Har jo2103
Hillabee40Sum mi jach e2103
Hillabee41Albet ter Har jo3306
Hillabee42Is chim be1304
Hillabee45Mick he her3104
Hillabee46So to kal ka2103
Hillabee47Tim as se ge1203
Hillabee48O che Har jo2204
Hillabee49Fi ar Ho lo3104
Hillabee50Pink ey1203
Hillabee51Tus ke Micco2204
Hillabee53Tuck a batch ee Har jo2204
Hillabee55Low Jack y5409
Hillabee56Kon sat Fix i co1506
Hillabee57Tal se Fix i co2103
Hillabee58Sal lar se1203
Hillabee59Lar tar Har jo3306
Hillabee60O sift ki ga1203
Hillabee61Eu po li ka2103
Hillabee62Kotch ar Yo ho lo2305
Hillabee63East in no ge2103
Hillabee64Me he ji ga1304
Hillabee65Tim mo ho e1203
Hillabee66Sim mo li ga2103
Hillabee67Wo xe Marthlar2002
Hillabee68Cu wa la Har jo1102
Hillabee69Wox e Yo ho lo1102
Hillabee70Mi do ga0303
Hillabee71Tus se ke Hat ke2204
Hillabee72Me ho ke1304
Hillabee73Sum mul te1102
Hillabee74Is mu di ga1203
Hillabee77Kolch ar Micco1203
Hillabee78Is to hi e ge1102
Hillabee79Ar gar ke2103
Hillabee80Taw we lar ke1102
Hillabee81Char le be1203
Hillabee82Le tif Har jo1203
Hillabee83Kon chart E marth lar2103
Hillabee84So lot te1102
Hillabee85Tom my Yo ho lo1203
Hillabee86Lit ho ke3205
Hillabee87Eu fau la Micco3104
Hillabee88I hitch y0303
Hillabee89John Calhoun2103
Hillabee90Kar bo ke3104
Hillabee91Mi e atch e1102
Hillabee92Cho gil lis Har jo3205
Hillabee93Fuk te lus te4408
Hillabee94Wox e Har jo1405
Hillabee95Me ho ger3306
Hillabee96Tobacco Man1102
Hillabee97Tal se E marth lar4105
Hillabee98Cho ko hay3104
Hillabee99Co chus Har jo2103
Hillabee100E ne har E marth lar2204
Hillabee101Ko sar Har jo4206
Hillabee102O war hi che1102
Hillabee103Tal ma0303
Hillabee104Mick e maw ler1405
Hillabee105Cho e che2406
Hillabee106Is soo le ge2204
Hillabee107Kon chart Yo ho lo2204
Hillabee108Mis to we ke5308
Hillabee109Cho Fix i co1102
Hillabee110Coosa Yo ho lo3104
Hillabee111Me li gey3104
Hillabee112Soth litch e2103
Hillabee113Jim21032nd of same name
Hillabee115Im bal a de0303
Hillabee116Sandy Grayson, senior1102
Hillabee118Little John651425
Hillabee119John Grayson1203
Hillabee120Te gar su mer1304
Hillabee121Lizzy Grayson222125
Hillabee122Sin no ga0314
Hillabee123William Grayson3508



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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