History of Shawano County Wisconsin, 1853-1953

The book “Shawano County, Wisconsin, Centurawno, 1853-1953” was compiled by the Shawano County Centennial Committee to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Shawano County, Wisconsin. Published in 1953, this volume captures the history and development of the county from its founding in 1853 through a century of growth and change.

The content of the book is structured to provide a comprehensive overview of Shawano County’s history. It includes sections on the county’s early families, the establishment of schools, and the construction of significant roads such as the Tote Road and the Military Wagon Road. The arrival of the railroad and its impact on the county is also highlighted.

Significant attention is given to the Menominee Indian Reservation, the City of Shawano, and Shawano Lake. The book further explores the histories of various towns and villages within the county, including Almon, Aniwa, Birnamwood, Bowler, and many others, providing a detailed account of their development and contributions to the region.

In addition to the historical narrative, the book delves into the county’s business and industrial growth. It features prominent local businesses and institutions such as the Shawano Paper Mills, J. A. Lieg Company, Shawano Evening Leader, and various banks and cooperatives. These sections highlight the economic evolution and the pivotal role these entities played in shaping the community.

The book also includes expressions of appreciation from the Centennial Committee, acknowledging the contributions of local citizens, businesses, and organizations that made the centennial celebrations possible. The foreword emphasizes the collective effort and spirit of the Shawano County community, reflecting on the contributions of its people over the past century.

Table of Contents

Shawano County, 1853-1953
First Families
School Established
Tote Road Built
Military Wagon Road
Coming of the Railroad
Menominee Indian Reservation
City of Shawano
Shawano Lake

Towns and Villages of Shawano County

Town of Almon
Town of Aniwa
Village of Aniwa
Town of Bartelme
Village of Bowler
Town of Birnamwood
Village of Birnamwood
Village of Eland
Town of Angelica
Town of Belle Plaine
Town of Fairbanks
Town of Germania
Village of Tigerton
Town of Grant
Town of Green Valley
Town of Hartland
Village of Bonduel
Town of Hutchins
Village of Mattoon
Town of Lessor
Town of Herman
Town of Maple Grove
Town of Morris
Town of Navarino
Town of Pella
Town of Red Springs
Town of Richmond
Village of Gresham
Town of Seneca
Town of Washington
Village of Cecil
Town of Waukechon
Town of Wescott
Town of Wittenberg
Village of Wittenberg

Business and Industry

Shawano Paper Mills
Why Industry, by Charles N. Egan
J. A. Lieg Company
Cappel’s Inc.
Shawano Evening Leader
John Kadletz Lumber Company
Wisconsin Timber & Land Co.
Badger Breeders Cooperative
Early Banking in Shawano County
Bilmay Hotel
Consolidated Badger Cooperative
Weber Veneer & Plywod Co.
Karth Funeral Home
The Crescent Theatre
Zachow Elevator & Lumber Co. 1907-1953
Gresham Cooperative Association
Shawano Mutual Insurance Co
Citizens State Bank
Shawwano National Bank
First National Bank in Tigerton
Bank of Birnamwood
Bonduel State Bank
Citizens State Bank of Wittinberg
Farmers State Bank, Cecil, Wis.
State Bank of Green Valley
State Bank, Gresham
M. J. Wallrich Land and Lumber Company


Centennial Committee, Shawano County, Wisconsin, Centurawno, 1853-1953, July 12 to 18, Shawano, Wisconsin : Centennial Committee, 1953.


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