Washington Road Builders and Early Settlers, Olympia to the Sound, 1853


George Shazer
B. F. Yantis
William Packwood
B. F. Shaw
John Alexander
B. Close
A. W. Moore
E. Sylvester
James Hurd
W. W. Plumb

The men who worked upon the eastern end of the road were:

Whitfield Kirtley
Edwin Marsh
Nelson Sargent
Paul Ruddell
Edward Miller
J. W. Fouts
John L. Perkins
Isaac N. Brown
James Alverson
Nathaniel G. Stewart
William Carpenter
E. L. Allen
A. C. Burge
Thomas Dixon
Ephraim Allyn
James H. George Githers
John Walker
John H. Mills
R. S. More
R. Forman
Ed. Crofts
James Boise
Robert Patterson
Edward Miller
Edward Wallace
Lewis Wallace
James R. Smith
John Barrow
James Meek


John W. Lane and wife
Samuel Ray
William Ray
Henry Mitchell
H. Rockenfield
James Barr
J. A. Sperry
William Evan Watts
J. J. Ragan
William McCreary
G. Miller
John Nelson
J. Langinyre, wife and 5 children
E. A. Light, wife and child
William M. Kincaid, wife and 6 children
Isaac Woolery, wife and 4 children
Abram H. Woolery, wife and 3 children
Peter Judson, wife and 2 children, composing the first train of 47 persons.

This train had 62 work-oxen, 20 cows, and 7 mares. There were, besides,

J. W. Woodward
John B. Moyer
Z. Gotzan
Aaron Rockenfield
Norman Kilborn
Isaac Lemmon
R. A. Finnell
William R. Downey, wife and children
John James Downey and daughter
Abiel Morrison, Charlotte his wife and family
George Haywood
James Bell
John Bell
W. H. Brannon and family
John Carson and wife
Israel Wright
Byrd Wright
Frank Wright
Van Ogle
Addison S. Persham
most of whom crossed by the Nachess pass. Many of them had families and friends who are not named here.

Other immigrants of this year were
William H. Wallace
Elijah E. Baker
David C. Forbes
J. H. Cleale
John L. Clarke
Mason Guess (married Miss Downey)
William H. Williams
G. F. Whitworth and family
Mrs Sarah Thompson
J. Stillman
Peter Stiles (died in 1877 aged 91 years
W. B. Sinclair (married a daughter of J. N. Low)
J. R. Roundtree
James H. Roundtree
William Ryan
A. H. Robie
E. G. Price
W. H. Pearson
William Newton
Mrs Rebecca Maddox and children (Joseph Michael Stephen and 2 others)
J. Mowerman wife and children
H. Meter
Christopher Kennedy
Franklin Kennedy
W. Krice
B. F. Kendall
James Kymes
Joel Knight
Michael Luark and family
Joseph Lake
Donald Lake
J. B. Ladee
Lambert William Lane and family
Henry Ivens
Tyrus Himes
James Biles
Martin V. Harper
Baily Gatzert
Alonzo B. Dillenbaugh
J. C. Davis
Perry Dunfield
Simeon Cooper
B. Cooper
John Dickenson
W. C. Briggs
Joseph N. Baker
John E. Burns
Rev. C. Biles and family
P. Ahern
H. Patterson
M. Kirkland
W. A. Cox


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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