Casualty Report – Battle at Tohotonimme

Report of the killed, wounded and missing in the battle at To-hoto-nim-me, May 17, 1858

Company C, First Dragoons.

  • Killed Brevet Captain O. H. Taylor
  • Private Alfred Barnes
  • Mortally wounded Private Victor Charles De Moy
  • Severely wounded Privates James Lynch and Henry Montreville
  • Slightly wounded Farrier Elijah R. Birch

Company E, First Dragoons

  • Killed Second Lieutenant William Gaston
  • Mortally wounded First Sergeant William C. Williams
  • Severely wounded James Kelly, William D. Micon, and Hariet Sneckster.
  • Slightly wounded James Healy, Maurice Henly, Charles Hughes, and John Mitchell.

Company H, First Dragoons

  • Killed Privates Charles H. Harnish and James Crozet
  • Missing First Sergeant Edward Ball 1

Company E, Ninth Infantry

  • Severely wounded Private Ormond W. Hammond
  • Slightly wounded Privates John Klay and Gotleib Berger

The same date on which the report of the expedition went forward Colonel Steptoe indited the two succeeding letters.Citations:

  1. It is said that Sergeant Ball assisted the commissary in carrying out the orders to destroy the liquor in the evening at the close of the battle, and being overcome by the effects of the spirituous ration, made his way through the darkness to the creek, where, under cover of the brush, he stretched himself in slumber. He was awakened by the chill air of the early morning and after advising himself that no other representative of the command remained about the field, he put off in pursuit of his fleeing comrades, reaching the fort some time after their arrival. He was a man of sterling qualities as a fighter and possessed great powers of endurance. He was especially commended for his courage by Colonel Steptoe. Participating in Colonel Wright’s campaign, he did valiant service, for which he was also specially mentioned in official report. He rose in the service to the rank of Major.[]

Manring, B. F. Conquest of the Coeur d'Alene, Spokane and Palouse Indians. The Washington Historical Quarterly, Vol. 3 No. 2, 1912.

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