Huchnom Tribe

Huchnom Indians. A division of the Yuki of northern California, speaking a dialect divergent from that of the Round Valley Indians.  They lived on South Eel river above its confluence with the middle fork of the Eel river, or in adjacent territories, and on the headwaters of Russian River in upper Potter valley. To the

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Yuki Indians

Yuki. Derived from the Wintun language and meaning “stranger,” or “foe.” Also called: Chu-mai-a, Porno name. Noam-kekhl, Wintun name, meaning “west dwelling,” or “western tribe.” Yuki Connections.—The Yuki constituted an independent stock called Yukian. Yuki Location. All the land lying in the drainage of Eel River above the North Fork, except for a stretch on

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