Topic: War of Mexico

Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico

The admission of Texas into the Union was the immediate and obvious cause of the war between the United States and Mexico, but a desire to extend the national boundaries was undoubtedly a factor which influenced the American people to welcome a fight with their hostile neighbors on the South. Furthermore, acts of cruelty credited to the Mexicans in the Texan War for Independence, linked with the apparent lack of bravery and chivalry of the Mexican General Santa Anna, caused American opinion, according to editorial comment, to brand all Mexicans as persons of indescribable evil who should be wiped out.

Biography of Henry Hill Couillard

HENRY HILL COUILLARD – A life of most stirring adventure was that of Mr. Couillard, remarkable, too, in that his experiences shared in succession with events of the Mexican War, the African slave trade, and with gold mining in California, eventually led to his later activities in the ownership of many hotels, and to his cattle raising and general farming business. In wanderings that were almost limitless at a time when sea rovers went upon desperate voyages, and when impressment in sordid and piratical servitude were not uncommon, Mr. Couillard throughout the early part of his career participated in a