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Treaty of October 20, 1865 – Sans Arc Sioux

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Fort Sully, in the Territory of Dakota, by and between Newton Edmunds, governor and ex-officio superintendent of Indian affairs of Dakota Territory, Edward B. Taylor, superintendent of Indian affairs for the northern superintendency, Major-General S. R. Curtis, Brigadier-General H. H. Sibley, Henry W. Reed, and Orrin Guernsey, commissioners on the part of the United States, duly appointed by the President, and the undersigned chiefs and head-men of the Sans Arcs band of Dakota or Sioux Indians. Article 1.The Sans Arcs band of Dakota or Sioux Indians, represented in council, hereby acknowledge themselves

San Arcs Tribe

San Arcs Indians, San Arcs Indian Tribe (French trans. of Itazipcho ‘without bows,’ from itazipa, ‘bow,’ and cho, abbrev of chodan, ;without;).  A band of the Teton Sioux,  Hayden about 1860, says that they and the Hunkpapa and Sihasapa “occupy nearly the same district and are so often camped near each other, and are otherwise so connected in their operations as scarcely to admit of being treated separately.” On the other hand, Warren (Dacota Country) indicates that their closest relations were with the Miniconjou. San Arcs Divisions Their divisions as given by Swift in a letter to Dorsey (1884) are: Itazipcho