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Meherrin Indians

Meherrin Tribe: Meaning unknown. Meherrin Connections. The Meherrin belonged to the Iroquoian linguistic family, their closest connections probably being the Nottaway. Meherrin Location. Along the river of the same name on the Virginia-North Carolina border. Meherrin History. The tribal name Meherrin first appears in the form “Maharineck” in the account of an expedition by Edward Blande and others to North Carolina in 1650, and next body Indian census taken in 1669. Later they seem to have adopted a body of Conestoga or Susquehanna fleeing from Pennsylvania after account dispersal by the Iroquois about 1675. This is the only way to

Meherrin Tribe

Meherrin Indians.  An Iroquoian tribe formerly residing on the river of the same name on the Virginia-North Carolina border.  Jefferson confounded them with the Tutelo.  according to the official colonial documents they were a remnant of the Conestoga or Susquehanna of upper Maryland, dispersed by the Iroquois about 1675, but this also is incorrect, as they are found noted under the name “Menheyricks” in the census of Virginia Indians in 1669, at which time they numbered 50 bowmen, or approximately 180 souls 1Neill, Virginia, Carolorum, 326, 1886. It is possible that the influx of refugee Conestoga a few years later