Topic: Indian School

The Self-Help Department

The unexpected disappointments experienced in establishing the self-help department are worthy of a brief mention. They serve to illustrate some foolish notions that prevailed among some of our first patrons, and prepare the way for a good suggestion. The aim of this department is to enlarge the scope of the training work of the institution by the employment of students, as far as possible, to do the necessary work during vacations as well as the chores during the school-terms; and by this means, reducing the number of hired helpers, afford lucrative employment to the greatest number of students, as a

Biography of Rev. Wiley Homer

Wiley Homer was born March 1, 1851, in the south part of the Choctaw Nation, known as the Red river valley. His parents were Isam McCoy and Adaline Shoals, who lived about three miles northeast of the present town of Grant.

The Oak Hill Academy Prospectus in 1912

In 1912 the prospectus of the Oak Hill Industrial Academy included the following announcements: Free tuition and books are accorded neighborhood pupils under thirteen, that attend regularly after the time of their enrollment. Those over fourteen are expected to pay fifty cents a month. The hope is expressed that every one living near the Academy will see the propriety of making the same noble endeavor to enjoy its valuable privileges for improvement that is made by the many patrons who live at a distance. An opportunity will be afforded a limited number of both boys and girls over fourteen years

Permanent Improvements to Oak Hill Industrial Academy

The improvements of Oak Hill Industrial Academy undertaken and completed by means of the student help began with the removal of old rubbish, the accumulation of years, and the impenetrable briar thickets near the buildings.

Industrial Education

A look at the turn of the 20th Century into the possibilities of an Industrial School system.

Era of Rev. Edward G. Haymaker

On October 1, 1892, Rev. Edward Graham Haymaker became superintendent and continued to serve in that capacity until the spring of 1904.

Era of Eliza Hartford

The story of Oak Hill as an Industrial Academy begins with the work of Miss Eliza Hartford of Steubenville, Ohio, the first white teacher in the “Old Log house”.

Era of James F. McBride

About October 1, 1888 Mr. and Mrs. James F. McBride arrived to take charge of the work as superintendent and matron.

Elliott Hall

The erection of the fine building known as Elliott Hall, was made possible by the receipt of a gift of $5,000 from Mr. David Elliott, of LaFayette, Indiana.

Decision Days

As a means of enabling every one to manifest their decision to live a Christian life, Decision days were held frequently during the term.