Baptism Records

1720-1 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Thomasin, dau. of Nathll Clark, Jan. 4. Sarah, dau. of Stephen Longfellow, Jan. 25 Nathan, son of Abraham Adams, Jan. 22. Joshua, son of Benjamin Woodman, Jan. 29, 1720-1 Nathan, son of Nathan Woodberry, Feb.19, 1720-1 Benjamin, son of Thomas Coleman, Feb. 26, 1720-1. Ann, dau. of Daniel Ritter, Mar. 5. Benjamin, son of Sam” …

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1727-8 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

John, Jonathan and Mary, children of John Hopkinson, Jan. 7, 1727-8 Benjamin, son of Benjamin Poor, Jan. 7, 1727-8 Ebenezer, son of Joseph Russell, Jan. 7, 1727-8. James Calf, adult person, Jan. 14. Eunice, dau. of Nathan Plumer, Feb. 4. Sarah, dau. of John Brocklebank, Mar.17. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Clark, Mar. 24, 1727-8

1728-9 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Ebenezer, son of Richard Stewart, Jan. 5. Samuel, son of David Woodman, Jan. 12 Gershom, son of Thomas Wicom, Jan. 12. Margarett, dau. of Samll Hazzen, Jan. 26. Stephen, son of Benj. Woodman, and Stephen, son of Jonathan Thurston, Feb. 23. Stephen, son of William Adams, Mar. 16. John, son of Joseph Nelson, Mar. 23

Vital Records of Bergen New Jersey

Bergen was the location of the first permanent European settlement in the present state of New Jersey. Prior attempts at settlement in locations such as Pavonia, Vriessendael and Achter Col in prior decades all failed due to New Netherland and Lenape Tribe’s incessant warfare with the early settlers in all three locations. It is considered …

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Church Records of Old Ebenezer Church Georgia

Church Records of Old Ebenezer Church Georgia: Built in Effingham County, GA in 1767 – 69 by Lutheran Protestants who came to Georgia in 1734 after being exiled from Catholic Salzburg in Europe, the church is officially named Jerusalem Church. It stands on the site of a wooden building probably erected soon after the congregation moved from Old Ebenezer to New Ebenezer in 1738. During the Revolution the British used the Church as a hospital and stable and the metal swan on the belfry still bears a bullet hole. Though the town of Ebenezer no longer exists the Church has an active congregation of about 450 members. It’s original congregation came from St. Anna’s Lutheran Church in Augsburg, Germany. The Jerusalem Lutheran Church is the oldest surviving intact building in Georgia. This collection contains the baptismal, marriage and death records from Old Ebenezer Church dating from the years 1754-1781.

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