Griffis Graveyard, Cass County, Texas

9 Mi. S. W. of Hughes Springs
off Farm Road # 250 – In a forest
Transcribed on 10-24-1960

This cemetery is deep in the forest and one would need a guide to locate it. The natives around Hughes Springs, Texas say there was once a farm house here. There are 15 unmarked graves and 5 marked ones.

John M., d. 7 Aug. 1884, Aged 69 years 7 days. Masonic Stone.
Alie, b. 29 Dec. 1815, d. 28 Oct. 1897
J. D., b. 1 Jan. 1847, d. 1 Apr. 1896

John W., b. 3 Nov. 1870, d. 24 Nov. 1878

Bryant R., b. 7 Jan. 1825, d. 12 June 1885

Cass County TX,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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