Surname: Stranahan

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont vol 1

Genealogical and Family History of Vermont

Hiram Charlton took on the publication of the Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont for Lewis Publishing. In it, he enlisted the assistance of living residents of the state in providing biographical and genealogical details about their family, and then he published all 1104 family histories in two distinct volumes.

Biography of Clinton T. Stranahan

Important official work has been done in Nez Perces County by Clinton T. Stranahan, now filling the office of United States Indian agent at Spaulding, and it was because of his faithfulness in smaller things that he was entrusted with these broader responsibilities, which he is discharging in a truly patriotic spirit. Clinton T. Stranahan was born in Clayton, Contra Costa County, California, in March 1859, and is descended from Irish ancestry. His forefathers settled early in the state of New York, and there his father, Ebenezer Stranahan, was born. In 1852 Ebenezer Stranahan went to California. He engaged in

Biography of Hon. James S. T. Stranahan

The Stranahan family had its origin in the Parish of Strachan, Kincardin county, Scotland, whence the name, which has also been spelled Strahan. Subsequently some of the members of this Strachan (now Stranahan) family, yielding to the inducements of King James I. to repeople that section, settled with other Scotchmen in the North of Ireland. Here their thrift, enterprise and success as farmers and manufacturers attracted wide attention, while their rigid adherence to their religious belief was equally conspicuous. They became, as it were, a new and heroic race, whose numbers were greatly augmented by the persecutions of the Stuart