Surname: Rushton

Biography of George Rushton

George Rushton. The George Rushton Baking Company, Incorporated, at Rosedale, is the largest concern of its kind in the State of Kansas. Every day its ovens turn out 20,000 loaves of high class bread, sold and consumed principally in the two Kansas cities, while the weekly capacity of the pie plant is 75,000 pies. It is the only pie baking plant on a large scale in the two cities. Baking had been a trade in the Rushton family for so many generations back that no record had been kept of the originator of the business. The president and founder of

George Ira Todd of Bartonville IL

George Ira Todd9, (Ira8, Ira7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Dec. 9, 1849, in Cooperstown, N. Y., married in 1876, Clara L. Hemstreet, of Mendota, Ill., who was born in 1854, in Lyons, N. Y. About 1895 his mind became deranged through overwork and worry and since that time he has been an inmate of the insane asylum in Bartonville, Ill. He is not very closely confined and is allowed many privileges. Children: 2607. Charles Albert, b. Oct. 1877, d. in 1907. 2608. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1879; unmarried. 2609. Helen Ruby, b. 1881, m. 1913, William Wally, of