Surname: Rohr

Enemy Alien Registration Affidavit for Bernhardt Vick - Cropped Photo

Kansas Registrations of Enemy Aliens, 1917 – 1921

The series contains original affidavits of registration that record personal information about each registrant, their photograph affixed to the majority of documents, and the registrants fingerprints. All of these are specific to Kansas, and most have the actual documents attached.

1921 Farm Map of Cameron Township, Audubon County, Iowa

1921 Farmers’ Directory of Cameron Iowa

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Aikman, C. M. Wf. Alma. P. O. Gray, R. 1. R. 160 ac., sec. 6. (26.) Breeder of Short Horn Cattle. Owner, W. F. Aikman. Aikman, W. F. Wf. Nettie; ch. Glen, Fern, Lloyd and Gladys. P. O. Gray, R. 1. R. 260 ac., sec. 7; R. 240 ac., sec. 8; O. 160 ac., sec. 6. (40.) Breeder of Short Horn Cattle. Owner, J. F. Liken. Albertsen, M. and A. Hansen. P. O. Gray, R. 1.R. 400 ac., sec. 21. (8

Biography of Louis H. Rohr

Louis H. Rohr, an attorney of Burlington, Racine County, Wisconsin, was born on a farm in the town of Franklin, Milwaukee Bounty, Wisconsin, on the 25th day of April, 1864, and is a son of Jacob Rohr, a native of Switzerland, who came to this country with his parents in the year 1832, the family settling in Rochester, New York, where he grew to manhood and married Sophia Roehrig, a native of Prussia. In 1857 they moved to Wisconsin and purchased a farm, whereon Louis H. Rohr was born. In 1866 the family moved to the town of Raymond, Racine

Biography of Paul Rohr

Paul Rohr. The Rohr family is one of the oldest names of Leavenworth. The family came to Kansas in the early territorial period, soon after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska bill and at the beginning of the struggle between the free state and pro-slavery elements. The name had many active associations with business, public and civic affairs in Leavenworth and the surrounding district. The late Paul Rohr, founder of the family in Kansas, was born in the Province of Lorain, then part of France, now Germany, in the district of Rohrbach on October 1, 1818. His father was Paul Rohr