Surname: O'Daniel

Biography of James Franklin O’Daniel

The reader of modern Kansas history learns of the wonderful development of the state, of its wealth and resources, of its great educational institutions and its culture, and of its enterprise and reform legislation. Back, however, of all these truthful and encouraging records exists a vital and more interesting page of history, and only by linking the past with the present, may justice be done to all. A half century in the great cyele of Time means little, but it sometimes covers an entire individual life. There are men in different sections of this great state to whose labor, courage

Biographical Sketch of Aaron Virgil O’Daniel

AARON VIRGIL O’DANIEL, one of the enterprising young farmers of Todd County, was born September 12, 1845, in Christian County, Ky. He is the second of seven children-four boys and,three girls-three still living, all boys-born to Joshua and Nancy (Colvin) O’Daniel, natives of Christian County, Ky., and of Irish origin. Subject’s grandparents, Joshua and Susan A. (Grissam) O’Daniel were natives of North Carolina, and emigrated to Christian County about 1812, and engaged in farming. Mrs. Susan A. O’Daniel is still living, and is ninety-three years old. Our subject’s early educational advantages were poor; he attended school but little on account