Surname: Mitcham

Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District

Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District Allen, James A. Allen, John A. Allen, Matthew Arnold, John Bailey, Jeremiah Bailey, Joseph Bailey, William Baley, James W. Barnes, Micajah R. Beck, Jacob Bird, John Black, Joseph Brooks, Biving Brooks, Julius H. Brown, Robert W. Bruster, Sheriff Bryant, Ransom R. Butt, Frederick A. Cardin, Jesse Cardwell, James Cardwell, John Cawsey, Absalom Cawsey, William Chapman, Berry Clark, John Cobb, Samuel B. Coney, William Cook, Philip Cox, Thomas W. Dewberry, Giles Dewberry, John Duke, John M. Duke, Thomas Duncan, Nathaniel Edwards, Asa Evans, William G. Ford, Bartholomew Ford, Jesse Freel, Howell Fuller,

Biography of Hon. John I. Mitcham

The well known and popular postmaster of Kendrick, John Irving Mitcham, was born in Indiana, April 7, 1849, and is of Scotch-Irish lineage, his ancestors being early settlers of South Carolina. His paternal grandfather emigrated to Ohio at an early day, and there John Mitcham, father of our subject, was born and reared. When a young man he removed to Indiana and was married in the Hoosier state to Miss Jane McCann, a native of Indiana. They have been life-long and faithful members of the United Brethren church, and now, in their declining years, are surrounded by the veneration and