Surname: Longueville

Longueville, Vernon – Obituary

Longueville Lad Is Laid To Rest Victim of tragic accident at North Powder is buried in the cemetery at Haines Vernon Longueville, young lad whose tragic death caused much sorrow in this locality last week, was laid to rest in the Haines cemetery Saturday, following services at the Methodist Church which were conducted by Miss Josie Blokland. Mrs. Delmar Bell, mother of the boy, was unable to attend the services, she having been in ill health for some time and the shock of the news caused a relapse. The lad was working in Jacob Brothers sawmill in North Powder and

Longueville, John “Jack” – Obituary

Jack Longueville Dies Suddenly On Monday The many friends of Jack Longueville were shocked at his sudden death caused by a heart attack Monday afternoon about 1:15. Mr. Longueville, who apparently was in his usual health had been assisting with the work at the Haines Meat company, while Mr. Bieber was confined to his home with flu. After dinner at the Beiber home Monday, Mr. Longueville and Sherman Olson started for the slaughterhouse in the meat company truck. On the way out Mr. Longueville became ill and although Sherman hurried him back to town as fast as possible, he had