Surname: Keefe

Biography of Henry S. Keefe

Henry S. Keefe, whose extensive and important operations in the field of real estate have won him prominence and success, is accounted one of the most progressive and enterprising young business men of Racine, his native city. He was born April 19, 1883, a son of John and Elizabeth (Budd) Keefe, the former a native of Vermont and the latter of New York. The former was a son of Mathew Keefe, a native of Ireland, who on leaving the Emerald isle crossed the Atlantic to the new world, residing for a time in Vermont, and then became one of the

Biography of Richard T. Keefe

Richard T. Keefe is secretary and treasurer of Henneberry & Company, packers and provisioners at Arkansas City. Mr. Keefe was one of the founders of this packing industry, and had been closely associated with its development. His active career had been devoted almost entirely to the packing industry and he had an ample experience with the great packing concerns of the country before he helped establish this independent plant at Arkansas City. Mr. Keefe was born in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa, September 20, 1873. His father, Thomas Keefe, was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1829, came to the United

Biography of Louis L. Keefe

LOUIS L. KEEFE – Born of a family that for generations has made its home in Massachusetts, Louis L. Keefe, today the mayor of Westfield, Massachusetts, was born in Ontario, Canada, but being of American parentage, is naturally a native born citizen. Reared and educated in Westfield, which has always been the family home, he started in his business career on the completion of his education, and after learning thoroughly the business that he had decided to follow, he very early made a start for himself, under his own name, and he has carried his establishment to a fine point

Keefe, John – Obituary

Friday night last at Union Junction, Sheriff Hug shot and probably fatally injured a man named John Keefe, of Moscow, Idaho, who, it appears, was en route to Baker. The attention of the sheriff was called by a passenger to a man who dropped off No. 18, carrying a bundle and hastening toward some freight cars. The sheriff overtook the man and called to him, finally asking him what he had in the bundle, and for a reply the man threw the bundle in the sheriff’s face and started to run; the sheriff was soon out-footed in the race, and