Surname: Jesup

Clermont, Osage Chief

Western Garrison Life

Grant Foreman describes the early life in a Western Garrison; providing insights on some of the traders in the region, the deaths of Seaton, Armstrong, Wheelock and Izard, all soldiers obviously familiar to him. But he also shares the story of the elopement of Miss Sarah Knox Taylor, daughter of General Taylor, to Lieutenant Jefferson Davis… yes, THAT Jefferson Davis.

An interesting section of the chapter are the references to the punishments inflicted upon the soldiers in the event of their disobedience.

Painted by Catlin in 1834, the picture attached is of Clermont, chief of the Osage Tribe. Clermont is painted in full length, wearing a fanciful dress, his leggings fringed with scalp-locks, and in his hand his favorite and valued war-club.

Biographical Sketch of George W. Jesup

GEORGE W. JESUP. The gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch is one of the active, energetic and naturally intelligent citizens of Todd County, Ky. He is a native of Fayette County, in this State, where he was born February 10, 1823, and in 1829 removed with his parents to Todd County, where he has since resided. His father, Col. Samuel B. Jesup, was born in Orange County, Va.; immigrated to Kentucky in 1793; was a gallant soldier in the war of 1812; was once a member of the House of Representatives, and eight years a member

Biographical Sketch of William H. Jesup

WILLIAM H. JESUP. The gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch is a resident of ” Jesup’s Grove,” (formerly known as ” Croghan’s Grove,” in honor of the famous ” Hero of San-dusky,” who entered this land). Mr. Jesup was born near this place, April 26, 1843, and at the commencement of the late war, entered Company H, First Kentucky Cavalry, in which he served two years. In 1867 he engaged in the tobacco business here and at New York, in which he continued seven years. His father, William W. Jesup, was born in 1796 in Washington