Advent of Ben Holladay

In the meantime work of grading from East Portland to Pudding River was energetically prosecuted, the heavy grading, and certain spots denied right of way being ommitted for the time. The representations of Elliott as to a contract with A. J. Cook and Company, were found to be no longer serviceable. Dr. A. M. Loryea, …

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The Holladay Cases

The most remarkable litigation, however, is the series of cases known as the Holladay cases. Ben Holladay, whose name appears more than once in these pages, was the prince of borrowers, and among other creditors for large sums, was his brother Joseph. The two men were as unlike in appearance and character as though they …

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Genealogy of the Lewis family in America

Free: Genealogy of the Lewis family in America, from the middle of the seventeenth century down to the present time. Download the full manuscript. About the middle of the seventeenth century four brothers of the Lewis family left Wales, viz.: Samuel, went to Portugal; nothing more is known of him; William, married a Miss McClelland, and died in Ireland, leaving only one son, Andrew; General Robert, died in Gloucester county, Va. ; and John, died in Hanover county, Va. It is Andrews descendants who are featured in the manuscript.

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