Surname: Halloran

1894 Map of Lowell

Lowell Massachusetts Genealogy

Tracing ancestors in Lowell, Massachusetts online and for free has been greatly enhanced by the University of Massachusetts in Lowell which provided digitized version of a large quantity of the Lowell public records. Combined with the cemetery and census records available freely online, you should be able to easily trace your ancestors from the founding of Lowell in 1826 through 1940, the last year of available census records. To add color to the otherwise basic facts of your ancestors existence we provide free access to a wide range of manuscripts on the history of Lowell, it’s manufactures and residents.

Biographical Sketch of Patrick Halloran

PATRICK HALLORAN. – The map makers are kept busy by the geographical changes of the Pacific Northwest; and the general public is often far behind the times in learning of the new towns springing up everywhere. The corner postoffice becomes a city; and the old farmhouse suddenly becomes a small town with store, and hotel. The water front of Puget Sound begets a new village almost every day. One of these places is Edison; and one of the principal men in the place is Mr. Halloran. He came as a logger in 1876 to the Sound, but in 1879 took